#10 Best Candle Workshops In London 

Do you wish to learn the art of making your own candles, incorporate perfumes, scents, essential oils and color into them? Making candles is no doubt a cost-effective hobby but is also incredibly fun and thus appeals to adults and children across all age groups. Attending a candle making workshop can give you hands-on experience in creating beautiful candles using gel, paraffin, beeswax, soy, and tallow.

Here are the top 10 candle workshops in London where you will learn to make your own candles in a relaxed atmosphere.

Candle By Events’s

This is the candle-making experience company creating fun events all around candle-making for individuals, groups, and organizations throughout the year. They run a number of public workshops on different candle-making techniques in Marlow and London. The hands-on workshop for beginners shows you how to make a variety of beautiful candles: floating, container, the pillar and rolled beeswax.

Midas Touch Crafts

Midas Touch Crafts offers truly creative craft parties with experienced tutors in several creative crafts including candle making. In the beginner’s workshop, you will make and take home 4 candles including a spectacular cupcake candle that you will have made and personally decorated!

Beauty Handmade

You will study how to use a number of different waxes and scents to create perfume blends for your line of candle business, home scent and aromatherapy businesses. The company offers its students a scent library containing over 80 notes to work with from essential oils to fragrant compounds.

Carving Candles

The company offers professional courses for people who have decided to open a small business or even a candle factory. This course is designed on the technology of manufacturing of candles and students are taught on the professional candle making a machine, all the tools, materials, dyes are provided by the instructor.


The company offers experienced tutors to guide you through the process from the basics to the fun techniques. There is one day beginner’s courses on Saturdays in London, showing the safe preparation of the wax, description of commonly used waxes, their properties and uses in candle production.

Rachel Vosper

The candle making course by Rachel will embark you on a creative process with a motive in mind – the highest quality, handmade, individual and with a personal touch. During the workshop, you can choose your own personal fragrance from the scent library which will provide you with a truly bespoke experience.

Homemade London

The beginner’s class offers instructions on using soy wax and scents to create a jar candle and natural beeswax to create a pair of hand-rolled candles. The students send with a mini kit to continue their candle-making at home.

The London Refinery

The classes are held in East London. Each student will start by heating the wax, then blending of the oils, and finish with pouring their own 180ml candle to take home. The workshop offers blending equipment, mixing jug, whisk and glassware to each participant.

Lumiere De Londres

The workshop will teach you how to make your own candles for pleasure or to sell, in a fun non-formal environment. The company has a panel of highly qualified tutors having trained around the world and have a wealth of knowledge regarding candle making as a hobby and a business.

On a Wick & a Prayer

Join Annie, founder of On a Wick & a Prayer, on one of her Candle making workshops and learn how to make your own natural wax candles scented with essential oils. Workshop dates are available throughout the year.

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