#11 Best Jewellery Making Workshops In London

#11 Best Jewellery Making Workshops In London

1. VS Jewellery School

The VS Jewellery School, which is situated in the center of Hatton Garden, London’s jewelry sector, provides a range of beginning to intermediate courses in every facet of jewelry manufacturing, from stone setting and wax carving to silversmithing and enameling. They have a really polished atmosphere and great reviews.

2. London Jewellery School

The London Jewellery School offers a range of beginner-friendly activities, such as producing silver rings, earrings, and pendants, emphasizing small group lessons and individualized attention. They’re situated in North London’s Islington.

3. The Goldsmiths’ Centre

The Goldsmiths’ Centre, a globally recognized establishment for studying jewelry and metalwork, was established in 1847. For all skill levels, they provide a range of evening and weekend workshops, from beginner classes to specialized courses in jewelry design, stone setting, and enameling.

4. Cockpit Arts

Cockpit Arts is a non-profit that promotes makers and craftspeople based in Holborn. Throughout the year, they provide a range of jewelry-making workshops instructed by skilled jewelers and artists.

5. Beadworks

Beadworks is a paradise for bead and jewelry makers, with Covent Garden and Islington facilities. They provide many workshops to suit all ability levels, ranging from expert classes in metalwork and bead embroidery to beginner-friendly stringing workshops.

6. The London Ring Making Workshop

With one-on-one ring-making workshops, The London Ring Making Workshop—located in West London—offers a distinctive and personal experience. In a matter of hours, you can learn how to create a stunning silver ring from scratch.

7. Ange B Designs

Ange B Designs, a polymer clay jewelry maker, provides workshops for all skill levels, ranging from basic classes on how to make earrings to more complex methods like cane work and mokume gane.

8. Tatty Devine

Occasionally, Tatty Devine, a well-known accessory brand in London, hosts jewelry-making workshops where you can learn how to create their distinctive bright, vivid items.

9. The Beading Room

The Beading Room, which has sites in Shoreditch and Islington, provides a range of jewelry-making and beading workshops suitable for all skill levels. They offer many beads and findings in a laid-back, pleasant environment.

10. Wax Carving Silver Jewellery

Jewelers work with a unique kind of wax that is easily molded and sufficiently hard to cut. Usually, the wax is warmed up a little to make it more flexible. The jeweler shapes the wax into the required design using various instruments, including carving knives, files, and spatulas. The method can vary greatly in detail and complexity based on how sophisticated the design is.

11. Stooki

Stööki also conducts jewelry-making workshops, allowing individuals to learn basic techniques and create their own pieces.

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