#11 Best Mosques in London, UK

#11 Best Mosques in London, UK

1. London Central Mosque

  • Known for: Imposing golden dome, central location near Regent’s Park, large capacity (over 5,000 worshippers), active Islamic center with library, bookshop, and educational facilities.
  • Best for: Tourists, those seeking a grand architectural experience, and those wanting convenient access to central London.

2. East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre

  • Known for: Community hub with various facilities, Islamic cultural center, separate prayer spaces for men and women, bustling atmosphere with surrounding halal restaurants.
  • Best for: Community engagement, cultural immersion, and experiencing the vibrant Muslim community in East London.

3. The Fazl Mosque

  • Known for: First purpose-built mosque in London, historical significance, Mughal-inspired architecture, peaceful gardens.
  • Best for: Those interested in London’s Islamic history, appreciating unique architecture, and seeking a serene atmosphere.

4. Baitul Futuh Mosque

  • Known for: The largest mosque in Western Europe, stunning white marble architecture, vast prayer halls, extensive gardens and fountains.
  • Best for: Experiencing a grand and modern Islamic complex, enjoying serene gardens, and those willing to travel to the outskirts of London.

5. Suleymaniye Mosque

  • Known for: Ottoman-style architecture, impressive minaret, spacious prayer halls, Turkish community hub.
  • Best for: Experiencing Turkish Islamic culture, appreciating unique architectural details, and those in North London.

6. Finsbury Park Mosque

  • Known for: Educational facilities, diverse congregation, and historic significance.
  • Best for: Engaging with the local Muslim community, learning about Islamic education, and those in North London.

7. Stratford Street Mosque

  • Known for: Oldest purpose-built mosque in London, historical significance, traditional Indo-Saracenic architecture.
  • Best for: Those interested in London’s Islamic history, appreciating traditional architecture, and those in Central London.

8. Shah Jahan Mosque

  • Known for: Mughal-inspired architecture, serene atmosphere, library and educational facilities.
  • Best for: Experiencing Mughal architectural style, seeking a peaceful environment, and those in West London.

9. Newham Mosque & Islamic Centre

  • Known for: Community center with various facilities, educational programs, and focus on youth engagement.
  • Best for Families, those seeking community involvement, and those in East London.

10. Jamia Mosque & Islamic Centre Tooting

  • Known for: Spacious prayer halls, community center with various facilities, cultural events and activities.
  • Best for: Large gatherings, experiencing community events, and those in South London.

11. Walthamstow Islamic Centre

  • Known for: Modern architecture, community center with library and educational facilities, focus on interfaith dialogue.
  • Best for: Those appreciating modern design, interfaith engagement, and those in North London.

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