#11 most eaten / trending food in london

You’ll be surprised by some of the delectable foods and locations suggested by all of the wonderful food and travel writers who contributed to this post despite the abundance of traditional English fare. For visitors to London who weren’t anticipating an exceptional food scene, things have changed for the better in this amazing foodie city.

#11 most eaten/trending food in London

1. Pie and mash

Another simple supper is called “pie and mash,” which consists of a pastry pie filled with minced meat and served with creamy mashed potatoes. It is frequently consumed with a distinctive parsley sauce known as liquor sauce. Back then, jellied eels were also a common working-class food, which increased the demand for eel and pie in Great Britain.

2. Yorkshire Pudding

The traditional ingredients for Yorkshire Pudding are flour, milk, water, and eggs. The majority of neighborhood pubs and eateries serve Yorkshire Pudding along with roasts.

3. Bangers and Mash

The traditional dish Bangers and Mash also includes mashed potatoes as a side dish. This hearty British staple, which is essentially sausage and potatoes, is certain to keep you satisfied, content and warm on a chilly London day.

4. Cockles

Cooked and seasoned with white pepper and malt vinegar, cockles are a delectable shellfish. It is a well-liked street food that was formerly only available in East London. This delectable seafood dish is still a mainstay in Welsh culture today. Typically, it is served with bacon and a loaf of bread.

5. Scotch Egg

A hard-boiled egg is wrapped in sausage meat and breaded to make the straightforward snack known as a “scotch egg.” It is deep-fried or baked, then served hot with dipping sauce. Scotch eggs were initially served with mustard sauce and gravy as a dinner dish. They later became well-known in 1738 when Fortnum & Mason produced and offered them as a cold snack for travelers.

6. PastiesĀ 

A shortcrust pastry circle is filled with raw meat and veggies, and the edges are then folded over and sealed before baking. Salt and pepper are used to season the beef, chopped potatoes, turnips, and onions stuffing. When purchasing pasties from a pasty shop, you can choose the filling of your choice from a variety that is available.

7. Bubble and Squeak

Since it’s a perfect way to use up leftover vegetables from a typical Christmas feast, Bubble & Squeak, which is made of boiled potatoes and cabbage and fried in animal fat or butter into small round cakes, has become a popular holiday meal in the U.K. It’s worth asking any restaurant where you see that on the menu if they serve it because it’s also a popular method to use up the leftover vegetables from Sunday Roast.

8. Fish and chips

A delectable fried dish called “fish and chips” is made up of fish and chips that have been battered and fried. This delicious yet simple dish is of English heritage and has grown to be one of the most well-known dishes in London. Although it is best served hot and eaten as a main course, you can find it at food stands all throughout London as a take-away snack.

9. Faggots

This traditional English dish, which is constructed of pork scraps that are formed into meatballs, may have a different connotation to others, but it is one of my favorite British dishes. The ideal side dishes for it are mashed potatoes, peas, and plenty of gravy. The Faggots are hit or miss with people, especially picky eaters because they are made of different meat parts.

10. Cottage pie

The main ingredients are beef mince, veggies, and gravy, all topped with mashed potatoes. It is a traditional winter snack that will rapidly fill you up. In most English pub establishments, a cottage pie is readily available. In the UK, it is one of the traditional pub delicacies.

11. Trifle

While various fruit flavors are also an option for a trifle, strawberries are its most popular flavor. Usually made with cake rolls, custard, jelly, cream, and fruit toppings, this traditional British treat. The Fool, a traditional British dessert from the 16th century that is created with custard and pureed fruit, is where the trifle pudding as we know it today originated.

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