11 Things to Pack when you are Visiting London in Winter

Winter in London is remarkable. With streets strung with lights, the city twinkles in the evening. However, winter can also be quite brutal in London if you’re not prepared. So if you are coming to London this winter to see the Christmas glitters, explore the winter markets, try your hands at ice-skating or marvel at the upcoming Magical Lantern Festival you need to make sure that you are warm and well enough to enjoy yourself! Here are the important things to pack when you are visiting London in winter.

Winter Clothes

Enduring the colder months is all about one essential – layering. While the temperatures outside may dip into the arctic levels, you can find all public transport, bars, shops and theatres to be delightfully toasty and warm.

Thermal Base Layers – One pair of thermal leggings and a long-sleeved thermal top is ideal if you are planning to be outside all day.

Jumpers or Hoodies – Go for layers, especially if you are going to meetings, restaurants, shops, or visiting a few attractions.

Winter CoatAlong with jumpers, you need to brace yourself with a large coat that you can simply chuck over any dress you’re wearing.

Warm, Lightweight Socks – Carry bamboo socks as they keep feet toasty warm and wick away moisture if you end up getting too hot. Bulky winter socks may take up more space than the thin ones in your carry on. So pack 3 or 4 pairs of lightweight socks.

Pack Boots not Shoes

It may seem obvious, but the right pair of shoes determines whether or not your feet will be warm and fuzzy or wet, cold and achy. You need to ensure that not only your shoes are waterproof to withhold accidental puddle encounters but also nice and comfy enough to walk London’s streets on a winter night with the dazzling lights surrounding you. Go for a comfy pair of slip-on boots. Being travel-friendly, they are easy to take on and off at the airport. They are versatile and can match virtually everything. For comfort, you can walk for hours in them.

Warm Accessories

To really stay warm and happy during the colder months, make sure you pack these warm accessories:

Gloves – A good pair of warm gloves will be welcome on a frosty day. The leather or windproof versions are highly recommended; as with the coat, you want to keep the wind out, and knitwear is not sufficed.

Scarf and beanie – Every small opening is a way for the wind and rain to sneak in. Keep the heat in with a good, fluffy beanie and scarf combo. If you can find one in rainbow colors, the better – simply so Londoners can smile when they see you!

Sunglasses – If you haven’t grown up in colder climates, this one may confuse you. With the cloud cover so consistent and the constantly wet concrete reflecting the ambient light, London can get bright. You’re going to need those glasses to keep your eyes safe.

Essential Personal Products

Moisturizer – Best to prevent dry “winter skin” caused by cold weather, wind and rain.

Lip balm – A must have in your essential list to prevent and treat dry chapped lips, also caused by winter weather.

Hair products – Pack hair serum, gel or spray to make sure that your hair-do can stand up to winter in London.

Moreover, as all rooms in London have climate control; all you need is a delicious hot beverage so that you can return to somewhere cosy and warm at the end of a fun day out in London!

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