14 Things To Avoid and Not to Miss in London

London is number one destination in the world in this year’s Travellers’ Choice awards. There are so many great things to do in the city, but it’s good to listen to a word of caution on what not to do in the city. Here are important tips from seasoned travellers on how to enjoy the city to the fullest without doing something that can deter their travel plans.

Things to do and not to do in London, what to avoid in London

Don’t forget to buy tickets online

Places like Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, the Shard, London have entry tickets. However, there are discounts you would not like to miss, if you book in advance.

Don’t forget to carry a map and use it

London is a big city and you would like to check the classy neighbourhoods to get a better sense of England. Check your route en walk where you can and you’ll be able to see more sights.

Don’t Drive Down Oxford Street

Being one of the world’s most famous shopping streets, pedestrians on Oxford Street tend to feel like they rule the road, Just keep on walking unless you want to stop at a shop. It is better to head down to one of the back roads to avoid the crowds.

Don’t forget to use the London Tube

The London Underground is the best way to check and absorb in the multiculturalism of London while you also save time and money. However, avoid the tube during rush hours especially if you are carrying luggage. Rush hour runs generally from 6am-10am.

Don’t Stand on the Left

It is the golden rule of London. Left is for walking and right is for standing. Never ever stand on the left of an escalator in the London Tube, in any circumstances. If you fail to adhere, then you might face dirty glares from more seasoned commuters.

Don’t Stand in the middle of the Sidewalk or Pavement

If you’re lost, don’t just stop in the middle of the sidewalk to study your map or your iPhone. Move to the side to find your route so that you do not get into anyone’s way. Consider the width of the sidewalk, and if it is narrow, do not walk in a line of three or more as no one can pass. If you are a larger group, then someone has got to go behind or in front. Even on the wide pavements of busy streets such as Oxford Street, it is better to not spread out.

Don’t take Mini-cab under any circumstances

Avoid taking a mini-cab. They are unregulated and the drivers generally rely on GPS devices. Only take licensed Black Cabs.

Don’t miss the vintage double-decker bus tour

You can have fantastic views of the city in a fun-filled 3.5-hour excursion including attractions like Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey.

Do not confuse the Tower Bridge and London Bridge

One of the popular London symbols, which the tourists for some reason love to call London Bridge is actually called the Tower Bridge as it is located near the Tower of London. If you absolutely want to admire the real London Bridge, go upstream and explore the preserved remains of the old London Bridge.

Don’t be late

Londoners like punctuality and if you have a restaurant reservation, be there on time.

Don’t forget your manners

Use words like “please,” “thank you,” and “sorry” when appropriate. When on the tube, be polite and let others off the tube first, do not stand on the right on the escalator nor stand at the bottom of the stairs.

Don’t Spend £10 On Fish And Chips

If you wish to taste the national dish of England, check the numerous local chippy takeaway shops. Every British town has a local chippy, a small takeaway shop that sells takeaway fish, chips, sausages, pies and sometimes Chinese food too, regularly coming to just five or six pounds.

Don’t forget to take your umbrella and sunglasses

 London is famous for its changeable weather and A sunny day can turn into a rainy one at the drop of a hat

If you get lost, don’t be afraid to ask for help, Londoners are very polite and helpful. Don’t leave London without having the national drink – tea!

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