7b (sevenb.io/): Buy / Sell / Trade Cryptocurrency Exchange in London

7b Cryptocurrency Exchange in London Address, Phone, Website, Hours

7b is a new trading broker that allows users to trade easily, safely, and profitably. It works with the most popular cryptocurrencies, offers clear trading estimates, and provides full disclosure of any transaction fees involved.

You can buy or sell / trade crypto coins such as 0x, 1inch, DogeCoin, Ethereum, etc. Refer the below table for the list of crypto coins available with 7b.

7b is a crypto platform where you can trade and invest in crypto currency.

Address: N/A

Support email: support@sevenb.io

Website: https://sevenb.io/

How to create an account at 7b (sevenb.io/): Cryptocurrency?

  1. Create Your Free Account here
  2. Register with your name, phone number and email

Take advantage of our low fees, low spreads, low prices, and feature-packed app to unlock your trading & investing potential today.

Download the 7b (sevenb.io/) app on Android

  • For Android users, download here

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How to check / view your balance in 7b?

You can check / view all your assets and balances through 7b

  1. Once you have logged in, you can check the balances and all your assets in the dashboard.

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What are the list of crypto currencies available at 7b London?

As of 20 th October 2021, the below are the list of cryptocurrencies available with 7b

Name Symbol Name Symbol
0x ZRX AirSwap AST
1inch 1INCH Akropolis AKRO
Aave AAVE Alien Worlds TLM
Aave [old] LEND Alpha Finance Lab ALPHA
AC Milan Fan Token ACM Ampleforth Governance Token FORTH
Add.xyz ADD Ankr ANKR
Aelf ELF AppCoins APPC
Aergo AERGO Aragon ANT
Aeternity AE Ardor ARDR
Agrello DLT Ark ARK

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