#8 Best Street Food Stalls and Food Ideas in London

Top Street Foods You Can Expect In London

 Street foods are the top choice for London foodies enjoying the alfresco lifestyle just as much as they do the cheap and cheerful. Most of the best food in London is dished up on the streets and consumed with plastic forks. If you’re a foodie on a budget street food, head to the streets to explore vegan to-fish tacos, tea-brined chicken strips and Kim-Kardashian-inspired koftas. From picking up lunchtime bites to partying into the night, these are the top street foods you can expect in London.

Zala Grill

Looking for Middle Eastern food? Zala Grill is relatively the best choice. If you’re just after a quick street food op, you can opt for their signature delicacies- Levantine pizzas or grilled pittas for only £7 (including a drink). Furthermore, if you have ample time indulge in a hearty main course or mix ‘n’ match menu, all complemented with a glass of beer or wine, for just £12.

 Petare: Venezuelan food experience in London Streets

Go Venezuelan with Petare in Pop Brixton. Much known for carayaca arepa or the Venezuelan chip butty served at just £6, this street food stall relates the Brazilian version of a village fete. You can indulge in freshly made cornbread pockets (arepas) stuffed with refried black beans, guava-glazed chicken, fried plantain and plenty more. Moreover, its perfect avocado salsa, little pockets of hot, salty queso fresco can certainly have you coming back for more.

Schmaltz: French Classy Chicken Streetfood in London

The well known Schmaltz set up by Karl Burdock offers high-end dishes with a street-food twist. With main focus on chicken, all foodies varying from chicken burgers and chicken noodle soup to the signature chicken sandwich are rich in flavour. Not to forget the brioche-style bun made to match the shape of the breast filled with an earthy mushroom purée and topped with juicy breast and salty chicken skin.

 Dumpling Shack

Favourite street foods stall for all dumpling enthusiasts! You can find one at the Old Spitalfields Market or Dumpling Shack in the School Yard Market off Broadway Market in Hackney. It offers best Chinese food crab, pork and prawn, or a veggie fix of shiitake mushrooms with leeks, water chestnuts and glass noodles, all with fresh ingredients. Slather in homemade chilli sauce for extra punch.

Smokin’ Lotus

It’s all about fire and meat! As the name defines, Smokin’ Lotus offers smoky grilled Asian street food. Order the whole slow-smoked char siu ribs in a box for just (£8 and get an exemplary slaw, plus Japanese-style creamy potato salad mash.

 Magic Falafel

The word ‘magic’ truly defines magical flavours. And that too in vegan dishes; Magic Falafel offers fluffy pittas stuffed with the best falafels in London. Go for a Magic Box – crammed with salad, pickles, magic sauce and all things wonderful. Healthy food has never tasted this good.


Craving for seafood in street food style? Don’t be amazed to encounter big prawns on your palette, drenched in Szechuan peppercorn butter on a bed of potato fries. You can find variety of prawns served with different dips and skinny fries. Not to forget the mouth watering XL prawn with Thousand Island dressing at £14. 


An absolute favourite of all vegans! The Devi’s serve Persian-inspired vegetarian curries that are so rich in flavour that you can keep coming back for more. Prepared in fresh tomatoes and aromatic spices, the curries are complemented with warm, crisp flatbreads. Try the Persian style Pav bhaji at just £8.

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