10 Best Acting Workshops In London

There’s no doubt that acting training makes actors better especially in front of the camera. Another reason for attending acting workshops in London is to get a first-hand understanding of how a film set runs, and what is your part in it. There are numerous well-renowned acting workshops in London but if you’re unsure where to begin your training or which ones are worth the investment, this post is definitely for you then.

To begin with, here is the list of top 10 best London acting schools that have helped many working actors pave their success stories, offering quality training where students are encouraged to write, produce, direct and edit their own short films supported by their tutors

1.  The International School of Screen Acting

The first on our list of film acting courses is The International School of Screen Acting, which is famous for preparing actors for today’s television and film industry. It offers one and two year full-time TV and film acting courses, as well as part-time courses for busy students. Located in the prestigious 3 mills studios, this school is buzzing with activity with the shooting of TV programs and films.

2. London Academy of Media Film and TV

If you are looking to gain experience in front of the camera in a real-life situation with makeup artists and directors, London Academy of Media Film and TV, offers a wide range of different type of film acting courses to suit every budget. You can start with basic acting lessons that teach you to act for the camera and to bein the moment in order to give your best. The academy also offers a new acting showreel to students to show agents and casting directors.

3. City Academy

If you are looking to learn a new performance or production skill, enroll in City Academy.  It is a renowned, London based performing and creative arts academy offering varied courses in over 40 London locations. The courses include singing, acting, dancing, musical theatre, comedy, filmmaking, screen acting, screenwriting, life skills classes, and fitness dance classes. The timings are flexible as they are designed to fit around the life of busy people.

4. Met Film School 

Situated in an active film studio, Met Film School is a part of the Met Film group, opening more acting opportunities than other schools. It is a film focused acting academy and develops and produces a number of feature films each year. It is also part of Met Film Post which is a leading post-production business, specializing in end-to-end sound and picture post.

5. Actors Studio

Established in 2004 at Pinewood Studios by former acting agent Tim Kent, Actors’ Studio offers film acting courses and workshops by distinguished teachers, directors and casting directors with many years of experience in the UK’s film industry. The courses also include modules on networking and making connections.

6. Arts Educational Schools London

Originally the Cone and Ripman schools founded in 1919 by Grace Cone and in 1922 by Olive Ripman, The Arts Educational Schools London provides specialized training in dance, drama, music, and art. Cone and Ripman schools were pioneers in providing talented children with academic education in union with specialized training in art, dance, drama, and music, preparing young men and women for a professional career in theatre. In 1939 the two schools amalgamated to become the Cone Ripman School.

7. The Bridge

The non-profit making company provides training of the highest quality from actors, directors, performers, musicians, and choreographers working at the top of the industry. As an educational charity, Bridge charges less for training classes.

8. University Of The Arts London

As part of Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design, University Of The Arts London has an outstanding reputation for educating short course, foundation, undergraduate, postgraduate and research students. 

9. The Comedy School

For actors aspiring to get into comedy and TV sitcoms, the Comedy School is an ideal choice. It caters to those who wish to be comedians and the courses are meant to improve their communication skills and confidence. it stimulates personal creativity, encourages social skills and improves literacy.

10. Central School Of Speech And Drama

With more than 55 academic staff with visiting lecturers and artists, the Central School Of Speech And Drama provides first-rate practical training and production through the largest grouping of drama/theatre/performance specialists in the UK

So if you are impressed by the astounding knock-on effects that acting workshops in London can have on all aspects of your life, then choose one and get enrolled today.

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