Best Organic Shops in London, UK

Where to find the best Organic Shops in London, UK?

1. Zest Organic Food

Specialty:  Buy all kinds of organic products such as food, drinks, personal, household, and vegan.

Reviews: Around 180 reviews

Service: Beautiful organic shop, Wonderful customer service

Location:  33 Dockhead, London SE1 2BS, United Kingdom

2. Planet Organic – Spitalfields

Specialty:  You will find organic products such as skincare and beauty, food and drink, and sustainable living.

Reviews: Around 261 reviews

Service: Excellent place, Nice staff, Helpful.

Location: Exchange Bldg, 132 Commercial St, London E1 6NG, United Kingdom

3. Mother Earth Organic Health Food Shop 

Specialty:  In this, you not only buy organic products but also refill them like shampoo, washing up liquid, olive oil etc.

Reviews: Around 47 reviews

Service: Great local shop, good selection

Location: 101-103 Newington Green Rd, London N1 4QY, United Kingdom

4. Earth Organic

Specialty:  Buy a wide variety of organic products such as food, groceries etc.

Reviews: Around 49 reviews

Service: Wide range of excellent organic, friendly staff

Location: 241 Bethnal Grn Rd, London E2 6AB, United Kingdom

5. Organic & Natural

Specialty:  Find all kinds of organic products such as food, healthy products etc.

Reviews: Around 60 reviews

Service: good products and helpful staff

Location: 191 Lower Clapton Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 8EG, United Kingdom

6. Village Organic

Specialty:  You will find all kinds of organic products such as food, healthy products vegan and organic/wholefood products.

Reviews: Around 81 reviews

Service: Perfect location, nice shop

Location: 91 Lauriston Rd, London E9 7HJ, United Kingdom

7. Hackney Fresh

Specialty:  wide range of quality goods with decent price.

Reviews: Around 256 reviews

Service: Good service, friendly staff

Location: 334 Mare St, London E8 1HA, United Kingdom

8. Simply Organic N16

Specialty:  Find organic food, fruit and veg, and organic products shop.

Reviews: Around 26 reviews

Service: nice stores, Great selection

Location: 64 Green Lanes, Newington Green, London N16 9NH, United Kingdom

9. Hivron Organic Store

Specialty:  Good organic food, such as veg, fruit, and many products.

Reviews: Around 19 reviews

Service: good customer service, Amazing selection of products

Location: 572 High Rd. Leyton, London E10 6RL, United Kingdom

10. Back to Eden

Specialty:  Buy all kinds of organic products, including herbal products.

Reviews: Around 31 reviews

Service: nice place, Great selection

Location: 120A Lower Clapton Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 0QR, United Kingdom

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