Canada Day 2024 in London, UK Date, Opening Hours, Location, Entry Fees, Epic Firework

Canada Day 2024 London

Celebrate Canada Day 2024 in London, UK Address, Phone Number, Email, Website, Music and Entertainment, Planning Map, Epic Firework and Social Media

Canada Day 2024 in London celebrates Canadian culture with lively events and festivities. Join the fun at Trafalgar Square for music, food, and entertainment.

Canada Day 2024 in London

Canada Day 2024 in London
Canada Day 2024 London

Date: Sunday, June 30th 2024 | Hours: 12.00 to 10 pm  | Location: Trafalgar Square, London, United Kingdom.

Address: Trafalgar Sq, London WC2N 5DS, United Kingdom.

Phone Number: +44 20 7983 4750


Canada Day Official Website:

Map: View Google directions here.

About Canada Day London

Canada Day Logo

Founded: 1 July 1867

Founder: Governor General Lord Monck

Canada Day London is an annual celebration held in Trafalgar Square, London, to commemorate Canada’s national day on July 1st. The event features live music, cultural performances, and Canadian food, attracting both Canadians and locals. It’s a vibrant showcase of Canadian heritage and a festive gathering for the international community.

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Who is Presented by Canada Day 2024 London?

  • Air Canada

Canada Day 2024 Ticket Price

  • Free Entry

Canada Day London 2024: What to Expect

  • The Event offers a full day of activities, entertainment, and cultural experiences.
  • The event will transform Trafalgar Square into a hub of Canadian culture, featuring live music, delicious food, interactive activities and plenty of opportunities to win exciting prizes, including flights to Canada.

Canada Day London Music and Entertainment

Music Performances

Live Bands and Singers

  • Canadian artists across genres-rock, pop, folk, and indie will take the stage. Previous years have seen performances by notable acts like The Tragically Hip tribute bands, emerging indie artists, and established pop singers.

Traditional and Folk Music

  • Celebrate Canada’s diverse cultural roots with performances featuring traditional folk music, including fiddling and bagpipes, reflecting the country’s Scottish, Irish, and French influences.

Indigenous Music

  • Experience the powerful sounds of Indigenous musicians showcasing traditional drumming, singing, and contemporary Indigenous music.

Entertainment Activities

Cultural Performances

  • Enjoy dance performances from various Canadian cultural groups, including Métis jigging, Inuit throat singing, and other multicultural dance acts.

Comedy Shows

  • Laughter is a staple of Canadian culture. Expect stand-up comedy acts from some of Canada’s funniest comedians who bring a mix of sharp wit and relatable humor.

Interactive Workshops

  • Participate in workshops that highlight Canadian crafts, including maple syrup tasting, indigenous beadwork, and traditional cooking demonstrations.

Celebrate Canada Day 2024 with an Epic Firework

  • Rockets
  • Barrages
  • Loud Fireworks
  • Quiet Fireworks
  • Mines
  • Fountains

Canada Day 2024 Epic Firework

How is Canada Day Celebrated?

  • Canada Day celebrations occur throughout the country and across the globe-parades, outdoor concerts, barbecues, fireworks, festivals, flag displays and wearing red and white. The national colors of Canada, are all popular ways the day (or weekend) is celebrated.

Trafalgar Square Planning Map

View the Trafalgar Square Planning Map through the above link.

Canada Day 2024 London Partners

Canada Day 2024 London Partners

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Canada Day 2024 UK

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