Chatime Restaurant in Soho, London

Chatime Restaurant in Soho, London (Bubble Tea,Beverages,Desserts Cuisine)

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Restaurant Type: Dessert Parlor

Avaiable Cuisine: Bubble Tea, Beverages, Desserts

Contact Chatime Restaurant

Address: 11 Old Compton Street, Soho , London W1D 5JQ | Restaurants in Soho

Phone: +44 7866258257

Chatime, Soho Website : Vist Chatime

Features of this Restaurant: Takeaway Available, Indoor Seating, Group Meal, Kid Friendly,

Average Cost for 2 persons: 15

Chatime Opening hours:

  • Mon 11am -11pm
  • Tue 11am -11pm
  • Wed 11am -11pm
  • Thu 11am -11pm
  • Fri 11am -11pm
  • Sat 11am -11pm
  • Sun 11am -11pm

Chatime Menu Card

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Chatime Menu items

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