Christo’s London Mastaba: Its Not a Wonder But it Definitely is a View

The 83 year old artist Christo is known for his environmental work of arts, has done temporary giant geometrical sculpture at London Hydae park, Serpentine lake. It really floats huge with 20 meters high and 40M x 30M length and width. The London Mastaba, will be available for view from June 18 to September 9 of this year.

Highlights of this project

  • Its entirely funded by himself ( sales of his previous artworks)
  • It weights more than 600tons and it floats
  • Its made of 7506 barrels mostly painted red, and it looks like a 90’s game pixel brick wall.
  • The whole structure floats on a HD polythene cubes which are anchored to the bottom
  • It covers nearly 1% of the overall surface area of the lake

Whats Mastaba?

Mastaba is a Mesopotamian origin architecture of trapezoidal structure like Egyptian tomb.

Christo’s London Mastaba

Image Courtesy: wolfgang volz © 2018 christo

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