Help Cut Plastic Waste: 100 New Drinking Fountains for London by 2020

London would get 100 more drinking water fountains as announced by Mayor Sadiq Khan, Starting from 2019 Spring and before the end of 2020. This could help a lot of London tourists and people to refill and cut plastic waster

New Drinking Water Fountains for London from Spring 2019

“For many years, our public water fountains were discarded and neglected whilst single-use plastic waste soared. We’re determined to reverse that trend and help deliver hundreds more free public fountains in the capital for everyone to enjoy.

“There is a real appetite for refilling and I want Londoners to lead the way in topping up on tap water when we’re on the move. This great new fund will significantly boost the number of public fountains in some of the busiest places across London from next spring.” : Said Mayor Sadiq Khan

“We have seen how popular is. We are getting kids writing into Sadiq all the time saying: ‘We want to see more drinking water fountains, what are you doing?’” – Shirley Rodrigues, deputy mayor for environment and energy.

“We want to see applications from boroughs, from businesses, from museums, theatres – anywhere that we know there are lots of people around who might be wanting to not buy a single-use plastic bottle but would rather have a drinking water fountain,”

“By the end of 2020, Water for London would like to see the size of this new network of public water refill fountains eclipse the 800 fountains that existed in London over 100 years ago.”

Ref: The Guardian UK

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