How to apply and obtain Bank of Georgia Debit/Credit cards in London?

List of Banks in London, UK

Types of Debit card

  • PLUS Card
  • Mastercard and Visa Cards
  • sCool Card
  • Student Card

Credit card:

  • Amex / Express Universal

Eligibility to apply

  • Above or over 18
  • A UK resident
  • Annual income or pension before tax of £6,800 or more

Benefits and Features PLUS Card

  • Able to order a PLUS card online
  • Activate your digital card with a mobile bank in just a few seconds
  • Get a card for free
  • A PLUS card and its account service are free within the account package
  • Pay easily
  • Add a PLUS card to Apple Wallet and pay more easily with your phone
  • Travel
  • Get more benefits
  • Earn 10 times, 20 times, and 50 times more points with our partners during the promotion

How to apply Bank of Georgia Debit card in London

Apply here

How to apply Bank of Georgia Mastercard and Visa card in London

  • Mastercard and Visa Cards
  • Mastercard Standard
  • Mastercard Gold
  • Visa Classic
  • Visa Gold

Apply here

Benefits and Features of sCool Card

  • Simple payment with a single tap
  • Buy books, toys, and other desired items at a discount
  • Benefit from discounts at various entertainment venues
  • Join for free various special training sessions through sCool Card
  • Commute for free on buses and underground

How to apply Bank of Georgia scool card in London

Apply here

To report card missing phone centre: 032 2 444 444

List of Banks in London

Click the above link to view the list of Banks in London address, phone, email, working hours, website, direction and more.

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