How to apply and obtain TV License in London? Requirements, Cost

TV License in London

Apply for TV License London

Procedure to apply and obtain a TV License in London

You require a TV license to view or record shows on a TV, computer, or another device while they are being aired and to access BBC on-demand content on iPlayer.

  • You can visit the website.
  • You need a TV license to watch or record live TV on any channel or service or to use BBC iPlayer.
  • You must provide your personal details, address and payment information.
  • Your TV license confirmation will be sent to you by email or postal mail, depending on your preference.
  • Your license is good for a full year.
  • You can apply by phone for TV Licensing

TV License UK

Requirements to apply TV License London

  • If you are 75 years of age or older and receive Pension Credit, or if you are blind or receiving residential care, you might be eligible for a free or reduced TV license.
  • Any channel can be used to view or record live TV, and BBC iPlayer can be used to stream on-demand programming. This holds true for whatever gadget you own, including your phone, computer, TV, and gaming system.

What is the cost of a TV license?

  • For both homes and companies, a TV license costs £159 (or £53.50 for black and white TV sets).

What are the fines and penalties?

  • For those watching / recording live TV without TV Licence will get a fine amount of up to £1,000.

Who do not require a TV license?

  • Streaming services like Netflix and Disney Plus
  • On-demand TV through services like All 4 and Amazon Prime Video
  • Videos on websites like YouTube
  • Videos or DVDs

Do you require TV license in London if you live in a shared accommodation for Students / Working person?

  • For those living in shared household / room for students studying in the university, then you do not require own tv licence. If you have your own room in college/university, you will require a licence.

How to pay, renew?

  1. Visit
  2. To pay, enter your TV licence/customer number
  3. Enter the last name mentioned as in the licence and post code

What is the validity / expiry of TV Licence?

  • It valids up to one year.

How to transfer your TV licence to others?

Tv Licence is transferrable only. You need to provide permission to that. Write to the below address along with the details such as your name, address, TV licence number, new licence holder’s name (Whom you are going to transfer)

Address: TV Licensing, Darlington DL98 1TL, United Kingdom.

Find your TV Licence number / Customer number

The licence number will be taken from the current licence / you can find from email / letters

Can you cancel the existing TV licence and get refund?

Yes, you can cancel before 2 weeks if you are moving to other place / abroad

Other ways to find your licence number

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the name, address
  3. Click Find Address

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