How to apply and obtain Union Bank Debit cards in London?

List of Banks in London, UK

Benefits for Using Debit card

  • Receive Free SMS Alerts on your Debit Card transactions.
  • Get value added services with no extra charge, free copies of statements.
  • Easy access to Union Bank current and savings accounts.
  • Flexible withdrawal options, add-on cards, 24/7 customer service,
  • International acceptance and world class security features.
  • Worldwide acceptance debit card at over 29 million retail outlets across 160 countries, MasterCard® logo.
  • Access to cash free cash withdrawals (up to your daily limit) with your debit card from any
    cash machine (ATM) bearing the MasterCard® symbol.

To activate the Debit card app on your mobile device 

  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter your registered mobile number with the Bank
  • Call Card Services on +44 207 920 6394 and provide the revealed password to the call handler.
  • Enter the verification number sent to you via SMS
  • Enter your own 4 digit PIN number for future access to the App
  • Confirm the 4 digit PIN number.

To activate the Debit card through mobile app

  • Activate your card by the UBUK Card Assist Mobile App downloadable for free from Apple App Store (you have to have an active itunes account) or Google Play Store.
  • Once through the easy registration process your inactive card will show on the screen of your device with a ‘push’ button to activate your card.
  • Enter your CVV (3 digit security numbers on the signature strip) on the back of your card.
    Once entered your card will be activated.

MasterCard® in £GBP or $US that is linked to your Current Account.

  • Pay for goods and services online and in retail outlets across the World.
  • Take control of your money against card fraud with the new UBUK Card Assist mobile App downloadable from your App Store.
  • Pay for your childrens education online saving you money in transfer fees.

Procedure to Fill the form(to apply and obtain Union Bank Debit cards in London)

  • Download the Form
  • Fill the form with required details
  • Visit the branch with entire documents

List of Banks in London

Click the above link to view the list of Banks in London address, phone, email, working hours, website, direction and more

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