How to apply and obtain Ziraat Bank Debit/Credit cards in London?

List of Banks in London, UK

Types of Credit card

  • Bankcard
  • Bankkart Gold
  • Bankkart Platinum
  • Bankkart Young
  • Bankcard
  • Campus Card
  • Bankkart Başak
  • Bankkart Business
  • Bankkart Başak Commercial/Corporate

Features and Benefits:( for all credit and debit cards)

  • All Credit Card and Debit Card Features
  • Contactless Feature
  • Common Single Password
  • Credit Card Number on the Front
  • Expiry Date of Credit Card on the Front Side
  • Valid in All Businesses Accepting Visa and MasterCard in the World
  • shop in installments at Bankkart member merchants with the credit card feature of your card.
  • Main advantage is both credit and debit are same card

Eligibility to apply

  • Above or over 18
  • A UK resident
  • Do not hold an Zirrat Bank Basic Bank Account

How to apply credit card with Ziraat bank in London

Apply here

List of Banks in London

Click the above link to view the list of Banks in London address, phone, email, working hours, website, direction and more.

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