How to Apply for Belarus Embassy Visa from London, UK

Procedure to apply for Belarus Embassy Visa from London, UK

Only a valid passport (or other acceptable document meant for leaving the country) and a visa are required for entry into and exit from Belarus, as well as transit travel through the nation’s borders.

  • By submitting an application to any Belarusian diplomatic mission or consular office abroad (when applying domestically), one may obtain a Belarusian entrance visa.
  • It is easy to apply on the website.
  • When arriving at the National Airport “Minsk-2,” citizens of Belarus have the option of obtaining an entry visa if there is no Belarusian embassy or consulate present in the host nation.
  • Other visitors from abroad should contact diplomatic embassies to request a visa. Exclusions include foreign nationals visiting Belarus on official business, at the invitation of the government, and in connection with the illness or death of a close relative or other members of the family.

For further information on the embassy, check here.

Document Required

  • Must have a valid Uk Passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Travel Insurance
  • Proof of funds
  • Confirmed return ticket
  • Filled and signed application form

What is the fee?

  • Only cashless settlement via electronic payment cards, bank transfers to the embassy’s (consulate’s) account, checkbooks, and other options stipulated by each individual diplomatic mission of Belarus abroad are accepted for consular fee payments.

How much are the processing fees?

  • Five business days are allotted for the consideration of papers before receiving an entry visa. The decision to grant or deny an entry visa might be made in an urgent situation within two working days.

Types of Visa

1. Transit Visa(type B)

  • The transit visa is meant for travel in transit across the territory of Belarus. It has a validity period of over a year and expires two days after the day of arrival into Belarusian territory.
  • This form of visa requires a departure from the country to take place no later than two days following arrival.

2. Short Term Visa (Type C)

  • The most common sort of visa given to foreign nationals is the short-term visa, which can be used for a variety of things including travel for business, tourism, private visits, and education. This type of visa has a 90-day maximum duration of validity.

3. Long Term (Type D)

  • The long-term visa is only given out if a foreign visitor will be staying in Belarus for more than 90 days overall (the visa’s validity is only good for a year). It can be used for business meetings, sports, and cultural events, journalistic work, and other activities.
  • single (whose holders may enter Belarus only once, remain there for the designated period, and leave within the allotted number of days, but not longer than 90 days).
  • two times (permit entry, stay, and exit from Belarus twice during the time period specified on the entry visa and within the specified number of days of stay, but not for a total of more than 90 days);
  • multiple (permit multiple (more than twice) entry, stay, and exit from Belarus within the timeframe indicated on the entry visa and within the designated number of days of stay, but not for a total of more than 90 days).

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