How to Apply for Lebanon Visa from London, UK

Procedure to apply for a Lebanon visa from London

  • Israeli passports, along with any other passports and travel documents inked with an Israeli visa or seal, cannot be used to enter Lebanon. Furthermore, if an Israeli visa or seal is imprinted on the passport, the Lebanese visa will be void.
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain citizens can obtain an entry visa upon arrival at Beirut.
  • The General Directorate of General Security in Lebanon must first provide its approval before granting a visa to a holder of a UK Travel Document for Refugees. The Embassy urges visa applicants to submit their applications at least two months prior to the date of travel because this process takes some time.
  • Visit the website for more information.
  • Diplomats and employees of international organizations are eligible for a free entry visa in Geneva. send the verbal note in two copies.
  • Furthermore, for more details visit the embassy
  • Download the form.

Document required

  • A color photocopy of the pages of the original, at least seven-month-valid passport that contains the bearer’s identification and the date the passport was issued.
  • Name, Address, and Telephone Number of Contact Person, Institution, or Company in Lebanon
  • One recent colored passport-sized photo.
  • Account Statement for the previous three months, demonstrating sufficient finances for the visit.

What is the fee?

  • For more information, check here.

What is the processing time?

  • It generally takes 60 working days

Types of Visa

1. The Transit Visa

  • It is given for  From 48 hours to 15 days.

2. The Residence Visa 

  • One entry (from 15 days to 6 months)
  • Multiple entries regardless of their length (3 months or 6 months)

3. The Courtesy Visa

  • The General Director of General Security or Lebanese embassies and delegations overseas may award it to VIPs.

4.  The Collective Visa

  •  It is granted for touristic groups.
  • They are not required to pay entry fees if the group of immigrants is from a nation that typically issues visas for free and automatically at airports or border crossing points in Lebanon. On the other hand, if they are not from these nations, then a cost is imposed on each individual in the group (countries that need pre-approval from the general security include: Nigeria, Ghana, and the Ivory Coast).

5. The Work Visa

  • Based on prior authorization from the Ministry of Labor, it is issued for 3 months and costs 50.000 LBP.


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