How to Apply for Libya Visa from London, UK

Procedure to apply for Libya Visa from London, UK

  • Due to the ongoing political unrest, a Libyan visa obtained outside of Libya may not be accepted in all countries.
  • Must enter Libya within 45 days of receiving a visa.
  • Within a week of arrival, all short-term visitors must register with the police. Typically, the business you’re visiting or the local travel agency you’re using to plan your trip will handle this. You risk receiving a fee when you leave the country if you don’t register.
  • for more information check with the Libyan embassy in the UK.

Document Required

  • Have at least one blank visa page
  • Be valid for six months beyond the entry date
  • be captured recently (within the previous three months), and be printed on premium photo paper.
  • One fully completed and signed application form.
  • Confirmed address proof in Libya
  • Libya accepts UK emergency travel documents for entry, airside transit, and departure. If leaving on a UK emergency travel document, you might need to get a Libyan exit visa or authorization.

What is the processing time?

  • It takes at least 10 working days.

Types of Visa

1. Libya tourist visa

  • Foreign nationals may apply for a tourist visa if they intend to travel or engage in related activities while in Libya.

2. Business visas

  • Foreign nationals who want to travel to the nation for business-related reasons are given business visas.

3. work visa

  • Foreign nationals may apply for a work visa if they want to enter Libya to work.

4. transit visas 

  • Foreign people who want to enter Libya while travelling to another country are granted transit visas.

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