How to apply TB test for UK Visa? Procedure, Requirements, Cost

Procedure to apply TB test for a UK Visa

  • Check the sort of visa you’re requesting to see if one requires a TB test. Depending on the kind and length of the visa, different TB testing requirements could apply.
  • Based on your nationality and the length of your stay in the UK, find out if you need a TB test.
  • Pick a UK Home Office-approved clinic for TB testing. On the official UK government website, you can normally find the list of approved clinics.
  • To make an appointment for a TB test, get in touch with the approved facility. This should be done well in advance because processing test results could take some time.
  • Attend the scheduled appointment at the approved clinic for the required TB test. This usually involves a chest X-ray, and in some cases, a sputum sample may be required.
  • Once the TB test is completed, wait for the results. The clinic will provide a certificate indicating whether you have tested positive or negative for TB.
  • If the TB test is a requirement for your visa application, ensure that you include the certificate or test results in your visa application package.
  • Submit your visa application, including all required documents, to the appropriate visa application center or embassy.
  • A certificate that is good for six months from the date of your x-ray will be supplied to you if your test results indicate that you do not have tuberculosis. This certificate should be submitted with your UK visa application.


If you plan to visit the UK for six months or more and you meet both of the following criteria, you must undergo a tuberculosis (TB) test.

  • You’ve spent at least six months residing in one of these nations.
  • Within the last six months, you resided there (or in another nation on the list).

If you plan to visit the UK for any period of time, you must have a TB test.

Cost of TB test for UK visa

  • It will cost approximately  £ 24.71


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