How to become a Ofsted Childcare Provider, London, UK?: Procedure, Document Required, Eligibility

How to become an Ofsted Childcare Provider, London, UK?

To become an Ofsted-registered childcare provider in London, UK, you must fulfill specific requirements and adhere to a particular process. Here’s a detailed how-to:

Eligibility Requirements

  • You have to be at least eighteen.
  • The ability to work in the UK must belong to you.
  • You need to be qualified or experienced in childcare.
  • A current first aid certificate is a requirement.
  • A clean criminal history check (DBS) is a requirement.

Procedure to Become childcare

1. Register with Ofsted:

Fill out the Ofsted website’s online application. You will be required to submit details about your intended daycare service, such as the kind of care you will give, the ages of the kids you will look after, and the location you will utilize.

2. Submit Required Documents: Gather and submit the following documents as part of your application:

-A completed application form
– Proof of your identity
– Proof of your right to work in the UK
– Proof of your relevant childcare qualification or experience
– A valid first-aid certificate
– A clear criminal record check (DBS)
– A copy of your public liability insurance certificate
– A copy of your fire safety risk assessment
– A copy of your health and safety risk assessment
– A copy of your safeguarding policy
– A copy of your complaints procedure

3. Attend an Ofsted Inspection

An Ofsted inspector will schedule a visit to your premises following the submission of your application. The inspector will evaluate your capacity to satisfy the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework’s criteria, your fitness to provide childcare, and the safety and appropriateness of your premises during the inspection.

4. Receive Your Registration

Your registration certificate will be sent to you if you approve your application and clear the Ofsted inspection. This certificate will outline the kinds of childcare you are authorized to offer, the ages of the kids you can look after, and the number of kids you can have on your property at once.


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