How to become an Ofsted Inspector, London, UK?: Procedure, Document Required, Eligibility

What is the procedure to become an Ofsted Inspector in London, UK?

To work as an Ofsted inspector in London, UK, you have to fulfill the prerequisites listed below and adhere to this protocol:

1. Ensure you satisfy the prerequisites for your intended remit (schools, teacher development, providers of further education and skills, or early childhood childcare) before registering.

2. If you fit the requirements, register your interest by following the guidelines on the Ofsted website.

3. Participate in an evaluation and, if chosen, submit pertinent documentation and references

4. Participate in training classes offered by Ofsted (unpaid work).

5. Once every step has been completed satisfactorily, you are qualified to do contracted inspections for your mandate.

Eligibility Requirement

  • Possess a degree in a field such as social work, childcare, or education
  • Have the qualified teacher status (QTS) to conduct school inspections.
  • Possess a history of raising the bar for services and standards
  • Possess current understanding of the position, including awareness of new developments and legal requirements
  • To become an HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspector), you must have at least five years of leadership experience in a related position, such as headmaster or senior management in children’s services.

Documents required

  • Relevant qualifications and experience
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the job, including recent developments and statutory requirements
  • Birth certificate and photo identification such as a passport to confirm your identity
  • Full employment and education history since leaving secondary education
  • Details of any criminal history as appropriate






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