How to change address, phone (contact details) in The Royal Bank Of Scotland in London?

Documents required

  • Utilities ( Electricity, Water, Gas, Internet, Phone,)
  • Inland Revenue – one of the most important places that needs to know when you change address is Inland Revenue for your taxes update this information on
  • Council Tax – update your Council Tax address visit the site
  • Health Providers (Doctor, Dentist, Optician, Vet) Education (School, University)
  • DVLA – you must update your driving license with your new address

How to change address in The Royal Bank of Scotland

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How do I update my mobile number

  • Mobile app are registered for Biometrics or a card reader to update your email address and mobile phone number in Digital Banking.
  • Mobile phone number mobile app by going to ‘Manage your personal details’ or in Digital Banking by going to ‘Your details’.

Using the Mobile App:

  • Select the profile icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and then ‘Manage your personal details’
  • Select the arrow next to your mobile number
  • Select a country code from the drop down list, then enter your new mobile number and tap ‘Next
  • Confirm that your mobile number is correct, tap confirm and then authorise the change using your biometrics

Using Digital Banking

  • Select ‘Your details’ and then ‘Update mobile phone number’
  • Type in your new number into the ‘New mobile number’ box. Then retype it in the ‘Repeat new mobile number’ box.
  • After you have changed your mobile number,n receive the activation code to register for the Mobile Banking App
  • change your mobile number again using the mobile app. In the meantime, you can still use Digital Banking.

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To update detail through phone

UK: 03457 242424

Relay UK: 18001 03457 242424

Overseas: +44 0131 549 8888

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