How to File Case in Crown Court, UK?: Procedure, Documents Required

What is the procedure for Filing a case in Crown Court, UK?

A Crown Court

  • Usually, has a jury that renders a verdict (the “verdict”) determining guilt or innocence.
  • Has a judge who determines the penalty (or “sentence”) you get
    If you have an attorney, they can explain what happens in court; the judge and other court personnel will also provide instructions on the trial.

Procedure to file a case

  • Use the official application notification form (N244), which can be acquired from the internet or collected from the court office.
  • Either manually or online, complete the form, making sure to specify the order you’re looking for and why it has to be placed.
  • Add any necessary papers, such as case statements, witness statements, or drafts of the order you requested.
  • Choose the level of judge who will consider the application and if you want it heard in person or without one.
  • Find out how much the court requires in fees and whether there are any waivers or discounts for those with inadequate financial resources by contacting the court office.

Documents Required

  • Case Specifics: Enter the case specifics into the Case Tracking System, such as the primary offense and defendant’s data.
  • URN, or Unique Reference Number: Note the police URN, which includes the following: year, police force, police station, and case number.
  • Case Reference Number: If the case is transferred to a Crown Court, assign a case reference number and, if relevant, note the Crown Court reference number.
  • Pictures and plans should be placed in a brown envelope that is fastened to the case file and labeled with the case reference number or Crown Court reference number.

What cases does a crown court deal with?

A Crown Court hears trials involving serious crimes, such as:

  • Robbery, rape, and murder

It also addresses:

Cases transferred from a magistrates’ court for trial or sentencing appeals against a magistrates’ court conviction or sentence



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