How to File Case in Magistrates Court, UK?: Procedure, Documents Required

How do you file a case in Magistrates Court, UK?

A magistrates’ court is where all criminal proceedings begin.

Cases are presided over by:

  • A district judge and two or three magistrates
  • A magistrates’ court does not have a jury.

Procedure to File a Case in Magistrates Court, UK

    • Use Official Application Form: The official application notice N244, which can be acquired from the Internet or obtained from the court office, is the form that should be used.
    • Fill out the application: Complete the form completely, explaining the judge’s order and including justification for your request.
    • Attach Required Documents: A draft of the order you request, backed up by witness statements or other pertinent documentation, may be required.
    • Select the Hearing Option. Choose whether you want the application to be heard in person or through a hearing. If the program is simple, you may use option number two.
    • Assist with the Application: Determine who should receive the application; usually, this is the other party or parties to the case.
    • Remit Court Costs: You will be informed by the court office of the court fee needed to file the application. Inquire about fee waivers or reductions based on your financial situation.

Documents Required

  • Official Application Form: It is advised to send an N244 application notification.
  • Evidence in Support: Include any supporting documentation, such as witness testimonies or statements of the case, with your application. 

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