How to Get a Dog License in London, UK

Procedure to get a Dog License in London

A dog license is valid for a year. Applications for dog licenses and dog license renewals are available at council offices and frequently on the local council website.

Steps to register for a license

  • Fill in the form here.
  • The registration of your pet may take one to two weeks. The quickest way to register your pet is to come to our office, located at 121 Pine Valley Boulevard, during business hours, or to make an appointment for an officer to register your new pet at your door by calling our office at 519-685-1330.

Documents required

  • Include a scan or photo of your pet’s breed on the official breeder or medical records.
  • Upload a scan or photograph of your veterinarian’s current rabies vaccination records.
  • If applicable, upload a scan or picture demonstrating your spay or neuter.
  • Please upload a scan/photo of your pet
  • If applicable, type the name of your microchip manufacturer here.
  • Please bring proof of your breed, proof of your most recent rabies vaccination, proof of spaying and neutering, and, if applicable, proof of microchipping with you.
  • Please specify the precise microchip number if applicable.
  • For further information check here

What are the fees?

What if you don’t have a valid license?

Keeping a dog without a current permit could lead to:

  • a warning
  • a formal caution
  • a fixed penalty or prosecution
  • a fine of up to £1,000
  • Whether you paid for the dog or not, it is illegal to take possession of one before getting a license for it. You may be charged with this offense and subject to a maximum fine of £1,000 if found guilty. A crime was also committed by the person who gave or sold you the dog.

Who cannot hold a license?

  • You cannot obtain or hold a dog license if you are under 16 years old or if you have been banned from keeping animals due to animal welfare laws.


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