How to open an account with Bank Of Baroda (UK)  in London?

List of Banks in London, UK

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to open and maintain. Minimum balance for maintaining the account is GBP 500 or USD 2,000 or Euro 2,000 based on the
  • Currency in which account is maintained
  • Account can be opened in GBP, USD and Euro currencies
  • Deposits are guaranteed under FSCS
  • Operations from any of our 10 branches in UK
  • Free cheque book facility
  • Free Contactless Debit Card and add-on cards
  • Facility to view account balance & transactions over Internet
  • Facility to set-up Standing Instructions for remittance and transfer of funds
  • Facility available to open joint accounts
  • Facility available to mark mandate
  • Free Statement of Account once a month
  • Free Balance Certificate once a year

Terms and Conditions

  • Accounts can be opened by individuals, partnership firms, companies, charitable organisations, trusts or any other organisation formed within the legal framework.
  • Open an account, will need to carry out paper-based and/or electronic checks on you in order to obtain sufficient proof of your identity and address to enable satisfy
  • Joint account holders are responsible jointly and individually for complying with all of the account Terms and Conditions
  • Joint account holders will be able to operate the Account if there are cards issued on that Account. If there are no cards issued, then any of the joint account holders may operate the Account

Documents Required for Opening an Account

  • Valid Passport
  • Full UK driving license with photograph
  • Govt. Employees photo ID card
  • Utility bill Gas, Electricity, Telephone(Land Line), Water Council Tax Notice/Bill
  • Rental Agreement with Land Lord
  • Latest UK Bank statement
  • Proof of income, if requested
  • R-85 declaration, if exemption is requested from UK tax on Interest income
  • Telecommunication Mandate, if the instructions are to be accepted on the fax message

Procedure to fill the Form (open an account with Bank Of Baroda (UK)  in London)

  • Download the form
  • Fill the entire details
  • Provide the  required documents

List of Banks in London

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