How to Start a Sushi Shop in London, UK: Procedure, Documents Required, Cost, What type of License to obtain?

Sushi Shop in London, UK

List of Sushi Shops in London, UK

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Procedure to Start a Sushi Shop in London, UK

  • Identify your target market. Analyze the competition in the area. Determine the demand for sushi in the chosen location.
  • Outline your business concept, target market, and unique selling points. Include financial projections, startup costs, and revenue forecasts. Develop a marketing and sales strategy.
  • Register your business with the appropriate authorities. Obtain necessary licenses and permits, such as food hygiene and safety certifications. Comply with health and safety regulations.
  • Choose a suitable location with high foot traffic and a target market for your sushi shop. Consider the size and layout of the space.
  • Establish relationships with reliable suppliers for fresh and high-quality ingredients. Negotiate prices and delivery schedules.
  • Create a diverse and appealing sushi menu. Consider dietary preferences and allergies. Determine pricing strategies.
  • Design an inviting and comfortable interior. Plan the layout for both the kitchen and customer seating areas.
  • Purchase necessary kitchen equipment for sushi preparation. Set up a point-of-sale (POS) system for transactions.

Documents Required

  • A concise overview of your sushi shop business, summarizing its mission, objectives, and key strategies
  • Certificate of Incorporation: If you choose to form a legal entity (like a limited company).
  • Business Registration Documents: Registration with the appropriate authorities to operate legally.
  • VAT Registration: If your taxable turnover exceeds the VAT threshold, you must register for Value Added Tax.
  • Food Hygiene and Safety Certifications: Certificates demonstrating health and safety regulations compliance.
  • Food Establishment License: Required to operate a restaurant or food service establishment.
  • The legally binding agreement between you (the tenant) and the property owner (the landlord) outlines the lease’s terms and conditions.
  • Agreements with suppliers specifying terms, conditions, and pricing for the regular supply of ingredients and other items.
  • A comprehensive menu detailing all your dishes, including ingredients and prices.

What is the cost to start a Sushi shop?

  • It will cost approximately  £250,000 – £550,000.

Type of license to obtain

  • Register your food business with the local environmental health department at your local council.
  • Obtain a Food Hygiene Certificate for yourself and your staff to ensure compliance with food safety regulations.
  • If you plan to serve alcohol or provide entertainment, you’ll need a Premises License. The local council issues this and covers various activities, including the sale of alcohol, late-night refreshments, and regulated entertainment.
  • If you are the owner or a designated premises supervisor responsible for the sale of alcohol, you’ll need a Personal License. This is required in addition to the Premises License.
  • If you have outdoor seating arrangements, you may need a license or permit to use public space. Check with your local council for specific requirements
  • Depending on the size and type of signage you plan to display, you may need permission from the local council.
  • If you have employees, it’s a legal requirement to have Employer’s Liability Insurance to cover potential injury claims by employees.


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