How to turn coins into crypto (Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Stellar, Polygon, USD coin, Chainlink) through Coinstar?

Change your coins to Cryptocoins at the Coinstar Kiosk / Machine

Processing fee/ charge: 10.9%

  1. Visit the kiosk / Coinstar machine
  2. Place the coins into the tray.
  3. Lift Handle and guide coins to the slot
  4. The machine will start counting the ocins
  5. Once completed, you will receive a cash voucher
  6. You can get the crypto coins you preferred using the cash voucher at the checkout / store customer service
  7. Redeem the cash voucher on the same day
  8. Find the coinstar machines in UK

List of cryptocoins available at Coinstar Machine

  • Bitcoin (BTC) (Satoshi),
  • Ethereum,
  • Litecoin,
  • Dogecoin,
  • Stellar,
  • Polygon,
  • USD coin,
  • Chainlink

How to  buy / purchase crypto at coinstar?

  1. Visit
  2. Create an account at Coinme using the above link
  3. Follow the above procedure.

Fee/ Cost to buy crypto at Coinstar Machine / Kiosk

Yes, there may be a transaction fee of 4% and cah exchange fee of 11% for the purchase of the crypto coins. It may subject to vary.

Coinstar Crypto Customer Care Support number: 1-800-944-3405

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