Inmarsat London, UK Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email

Inmarsat London, UK Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, Website and Social Media

Telecom Operator – Inmarsat

Telecom Operator means any person, company or body providing or procuring the provision of any telecommunication services or facilities.

How to Contact Inmarsat Customer Support/Phone Number

Address: 99 City Rd, London EC1Y 1AX, United Kingdom

Customer Service+44 20 7728 1000


Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: (8 am – 6 pm)


Location: View Google directions here.

About Inmarsat

Founded: 16 July 1979

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

Number of employees: 1,500

Inmarsat is a British satellite telecommunications company, offering global mobile services. It provides telephone and data services to users worldwide, via portable or mobile terminals which communicate with ground stations through fourteen geostationary telecommunications satellites. Inmarsat has led the way in global mobile satellite communications for over 40 years. We solve the toughest connectivity challenges of our customers, anywhere in the world.

Inmarsat Service

Aviation Enterprise Government Maritime
  • GX Aviation
  • GX+ North America
  • European Aviation Network
  • OneFi
  • SB-S
  • Classic Aero
  • Jet ConneX
  • SwiftJet
  • SwiftBroadband
  • Velaris
  • Iris
  • BGAN
  • BGAN M2M
  • IoT connectivity leasing
  • IsatData Pro
  • IsatPhone 2
  • Land Xpress
  • GX for Government
  • Mil-Ka
  • BGAN
  • FleetBroadband
  • SwiftBroadband
  • IsatPhone 2
  • M2M
  • L-MAX
  • L-TAC
  • Leasing services
  • Managed services
  • US Government Services
  • Fleet Xpress
  • FleetBroadband
  • Fleet One
  • Fleet LTE
  • Fleet Care
  • Fleet Connect
  • Fleet Data
  • Fleet Safety
  • Fleet Mail
  • Fleet Secure
  • Fleet Hotspot
  • Crew Xpress
  • Inmarsat C
  • Voice Services

Inmarsat Solution

Aviation Enterprise Government Maritime
  • Inflight Wi-Fi
  • Airline operations and maintenance
  • Safety
  • Business and general
  • UAVs
  • Aquaculture management
  • Artificial lift monitoring
  • Crop storage monitoring
  • Irrigation and water management
  • Pipeline monitoring
  • Recloser monitoring and control
  • Remote technical workers
  • Rail telemetry and communications
  • Tailings Insight
  • Wellhead monitoring
  • Defense
  • ISR
  • Border security
  • Emergency response
  • Special forces
  • Head of state
  • Civil services
  • Blue force tracking
  • Safety
  • US Government Solutions
  • Crew welfare
  • Digital solutions
  • Safety
  • Cyber security
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Shipyards
  • Certified application providers

How to Reach in Inmarsat by Bus / Restaurants / Taxi?

Nearby Bus Stop

  • Old Street Station (Stop L)
  • City Road / Leonard Street
  • Pitfield Street (Stop M)
  • Bunhill Row (Stop G)

Nearby Restaurants

  • Plate Restaurant
  • Honest Burgers Old Street
  • Best Mangal Bar & Restaurant
  • Blacklock Shoreditch

Nearby Taxi

  • Exclusive Car Service
  • Chauffeur Ride
  • Silverline Cars
  • Hoxton Car Services
  • Cyprus Taxi Care

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Jobs / Careers at Inmarsat London, UK

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