List of Mosques in London, UK

Mosque in London

The London Central Mosque, also known as the Regent’s Park Mosque, is an iconic Islamic center situated near Regent’s Park, providing spiritual and cultural services to the Muslim community in London.

Prayer Times London, UK

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London Mosque Facilities

  • Prayer Hall
  • Wudu (Ablution) Area
  • Library
  • Islamic Classes
  • Social and Community Spaces
  • Imam’s Office
  • Women’s Section
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Cafeteria
  • Parking
  • Community Support Services
  • Islamic Funeral Services

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Whitechapel RoadEast London Mosque82-92 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1JQ, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:
146 Park RoadRegents Park Mosque146 Park Rd, London NW8 7RG, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:
1 Dickens SquareBaitul Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre1 Dickens Square, London SE1 4JL, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:
Brick LaneBrick Lane Mosque59 Brick Ln, London E1 6QL, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:
1 Christian StreetEast London Markazi Masjid9-11 Christian St, London E1 1SE, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: Open 24 hours
Berwick StreetIslamic Centre of Soho10 Berwick St, London W1F 0PH, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 1-6:30pm
Hertford StreetMayfair Islamic Centre19 Hertford St, London W1J 7RU, United Kingdom
Gressenhall RoadThe Fazl Mosque London16 Gressenhall Rd, London SW18 5QL, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: Open 24
Canning RoadMasjid e Ilyas Markaz TableeghAbbey Mill, Canning Rd, London E15 3ND, United Kingdom
Thomass RoadFinsbury Park Mosque7-11 St Thomass Rd, Finsbury Park, London N4 2QH, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:
Whitechapel RoadLondon Muslim Centre46 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1JX, United KingdomMonday - Friday: 9am-10pm, Saturday - Sunday: 9:30am-10pm
Cromer StreetKings Cross Mosque & Islamic Cultural CentreBasement, Sandfield, Cromer St, London WC1H 8DU, United
Kingsland RoadSuleymaniye Mosque212-216 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8AX, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 3:45-4:15am, 11am-11pm
Baldwins GardensHolborn MosqueBrookes Court, 33 Baldwins Gardens, London EC1N 7RR, United Kingdom
Fore StreetRumi? Mosque337 Fore St, London N9 0NU, United KingdomMonday: 10am-11pm,Tuesday - Saturday: 12-11pm Sunday:
Gresham RoadBrixton Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre1 Gresham Rd, London SW9 7PH, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:
Wightman RoadLondon Islamic Cultural Society and Mosque389 Wightman Rd, Harringay Ladder, London N8 0HE, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 4am-11pm
Stoke Newington RoadAziziye Mosque117 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 8BU, United
Norfolk PlMasjid Salahuddin1 Norfolk Pl, Tyburnia, London W2 1QN, United Kingdom
Ford SquareEsha Atul Islam Mosque16 Ford Square, London E1 2HS, United Kingdom
Barking RoadMasjid Bilal & Islamic Centre of East Ham295 Barking Rd, London E6 1LB, United Kingdom
QueenswayQueensway Mosque33 Queensway, London W2 4QL, United Kingdom
Station ParadeCentral Mosque of Brent41 Station Parade, London NW2 4PU, United Kingdom
Romford RoadForest Gate Central MasjidRomford Rd, London E7 8AB, United Kingdom
Goodge StreetMuslim World League46 Goodge St, London W1T 4LU, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 10am-10pm
Raynham RoadEdmonton Islamic Centre20-34 Raynham Rd, London N18 2SJ, United KingdomMonday - Thursday: 12-2pm, 6-11pm, Friday: 11am-11pm, Saturday - Sunday: 12-11pm
Old Kent RoadSRICC Baitul Rahman MasjidUnit 1, 82-96 Old Kent Rd, London SE1 4NX, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 11am-7:30pm
Mitcham LaneSouth London Islamic Centre8 Mitcham Ln, London SW16 6NN, United Kingdom
Bigland StreetDarul Ummah Masjid56 Bigland St, London E1 2ND, United KingdomMonday - Friday: 7:15am-11pm, Saturday - Sunday:
Tudor RoadMasjid Baitul Ahad56 Tudor Rd, London E6 1DR, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: Open 24
Durnsford RoadWimbledon Mosque270 Durnsford Rd, London SW19 8DT, United Kingdom
Katherine RoadAl Karam Trust Mosque411 Katherine Rd, London E7 8LT, United Kingdom
Holloway RoadThe Holloway Masjid152 Holloway Rd, London N7 8DD, United
East RoadMasjid Abdul-Aziz Bin BazMasjid Bin Baz, East Rd, London E15 3QR, United Kingdom
Balham High RoadBalham Mosque47a Balham High Rd, London SW12 9AW, United Kingdom
Bridges PlaceWest London Islamic Cultural Centre Mosque7 Bridges Place, London SW6 4HW, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 10am-6pm
Lea Bridge RoadMadina Mosque Trust2a Lea Bridge Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 9QB, United
Prusom StreetWapping Noorani Masjid & Cultural Centre19 Prusom St, London E1W 3NW, United Kingdom
Duckett StreetStepney Shahjalal Mosque & Cultural Centre81-83 Duckett St, London E1 4TD, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 4am-11:45pm
Crowndale RoadAl Rahman Mosque and Community CentreCrowndale Rd, London NW1 1NW, United Kingdom
ChurchwayChalton Street Mosque60 Churchway, London NW1 1LT, United Kingdom
Green StreetMasjid Al-Humera183 Green St, London E7 8LL, United Kingdom
Plashet RoadEast End Islamic Centre9898 Plashet Rd, London E13 0RQ, United Kingdom, London E13 0RQ, United Kingdom
Streatham High RoadStreatham Hill MasjidThe Streatham Hill Forum & Islamic Centre, Streatham High Rd, London SW16 1DE, United
A Howard RoadThe Mosque & Islamic Centre of Brent33A Howard Rd, London NW2 6DS, United
A Brixton HillBrixton Hill Islamic CentreA Brixton Hill, London SW2 1HE, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 5:15-6:30am, 10am-7:45pm
Streetockwell GrnStockwell Green Mosque35 Stockwell Grn, London SW9 9QD, United Kingdom
Shacklewell LaneMasjid Ramadan9-15 Shacklewell Ln, London E8 2BY, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 1-10pm
E India Dock RoadPoplar Central Mosque253 E India Dock Rd, London E14 0EG, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 8am-10pm
Clyde RoadMasjid Ayesha Tottenham115 Clyde Rd, London N15 4LD, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:
Plumstead RoadGreenwich Islamic Centre131 Plumstead Rd, London SE18 7DW, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: Open 24
Islamic Centre of EnglandIslamic Centre of EnglandIslamic Centre of England, 140 Maida Vale, London W9 1QB, United KingdomMonday - Friday: 10am-6pm, Saturday - Sunday: Closed
Uxbridge RoadShepherds Bush Mosque302 302 Uxbridge Rd, London W12 7LJ, United Kingdom, London W12 7LJ, United Kingdom
Braintree StreetBaitul Aman Mosque & Cultural Centre101 Braintree St, Bethnal Green, London E2 0FT, United Kingdom
Caledonian RoadAl-Nehar Mosque & Education Centre70 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DN, United
N Gower StreetShahjalal Jame Masjid204/A N Gower St, Starcross St, London NW1 2LY, United KingdomMonday - Thursday: 12:30-8pm, 6-11pm, Friday: 11:30am-8pm, Saturday - Sunday:
Martha StreetShadwell Jame Masjid143-145 Martha St, London E1 2PG, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 6am-9:30pm
High Street SCentral park community centre mosque269 High St S, London E6 3PG, United Kingdom
Burdett Estate MosqueLondon E14 7UD, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:
Toynbee StreetBBC Community Centre Mosque16 Toynbee St, London E1 7NE, United Kingdom
Pitfield StreetPitfield mosque71 Pitfield St, London N1 6BT, United
Brent View RoadHendon Mosque & Islamic CentreBrent View Rd, London NW9 7EL, United
Oakthorpe RoadPalmers Green Mosque30 Oakthorpe Rd, London N13 5JL, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 10am-10pm
Romford RoadAzhar Masjid London233 Romford Rd, London E7 9HL, United Kingdom
Upton LaneQuwwatul Islam Masjid62, 66 Upton Ln, London E7 9LN, United Kingdom
Bishops WayBishops Way Islamic Centre73 Bishops Way, Cambridge Heath, London E2 9HF, United KingdomMonday - Tuesday: 10:30am-7:15pm, Wednesday - Thursday: 9am-5pm, Friday - Saturday: 10:30am-9:15pm, Sunday: Open 24 hours
Coldharbour LaneLambeth Masjid & Progressive Community Centre194 Coldharbour Ln, London SE5 9QH, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 10am-6pm
Camberwell RoadCamberwell Islamic CentreIslamic Centre, 188 Camberwell Rd, London SE5 0ED, United Kingdom
Hamlets WayHamlets Way Masjid97-101 Hamlets Way, Bow, London E3 4TL, United Kingdom
Bellefields RoadLambeth Islamic Cultural Centre30 Bellefields Rd, London SW9 9UQ, United Kingdom
Acklam RoadAl Manaar - The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre244 Acklam Rd, London W10 5YG, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:
Roman RoadGlobe Town Mosque100 Roman Rd, Bethnal Green, London E2 0RN, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 12-9pm
Cazenove RoadMasjid Quba70-72 Cazenove Rd, London N16 6AA, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:
Estreham RoadHyderi Islamic Centre26 Estreham Rd, London SW16 5PQ, United Kingdom
Plashet RoadAl Hira Masjid and Educational Centre241 Plashet Rd, London E13 0QU, United Kingdom
Lawrence RoadSeven Sisters Masjid1 Lawrence Yard, Lawrence Rd, South Tottenham, London N15 5EG, United Kingdom
Madinah RoadMadinah Road Masjid1B Madinah Rd, London E8 1PG, United Kingdom
Bloemfontein RoadMadinah Road Masjid95 Bloemfontein Rd, London W12 7DA, United Kingdom
Queens RoadMasjid e Umer - Walthamstow Central Mosque79 Queens Rd, London E17 8QP, United Kingdom
Blantyre StreetChelsea Muslim Community Hub14 Blantyre St, Worlds End Estate, London SW10 0DS, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 1:15-8am
Norwood High StreetWest Norwood Mosque58-60 Norwood High St, Norwood, London SE27 9NW, United Kingdom
5 Hampden ClDarul Quran London Masjid5 Hampden Cl, London NW1 1HW, United KingdomMonday - Thursday: 1-2pm, 5-8pm, 6-11pm, Friday: 12:30-3pm, 5-8pm, Saturday - Sunday: 9:30am-2pm
ilgrims WayMasjid Darul Ilm16-18 Pilgrims Way, London E6 1HW, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 12-6pm
Anson RoadDar Al Islam Centre61 Anson Rd, London NW2 3UY, United KingdomMonday - Friday: 10am-3pm, Saturday - Sunday: Closed
High Street NMadina Masjid East Ham225 High St N, London E6 1JG, United
Acklam RoadAl Manaar -The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre244 Acklam Rd, London W10 5YG, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 9am-8pmINFO@MCHC.ORG.UK
Lancefield StreetHarrow Road Jamme Mosque12 Lancefield St, London W10 4NZ, United KingdomMonday - Sunday: 6am-11pm
Brewery RoadYork Way Mosque55-61 Brewery Rd, London N7 9QH, United Kingdom
Woodgrange RoadJamia Darus Sunnah98 Woodgrange Rd, London E7 0EW, United Kingdom
Roman RoadBow Muslim Community Centre515B, 517 Roman Rd, Bow, London E3 5EL, United Kingdom
Hampden ClDarul Quran London Masjid5 Hampden Cl, London NW1 1HW, United KingdomMonday - Thursday: 1-2pm, 5-8pm, 6-11pm, Friday: 12:30-3pm, 5-8pm, Saturday - Sunday:
Pilgrims WayMasjid Darul Ilm16-18 Pilgrims Way, London E6 1HW, United KingdomMonday - Sunday:

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