London Central Bus Service N343 (Route) from New Cross Gate to Trafalgar Square – Time Schedules, Stops and Maps

London Central Bus Service N343 (Route) from New Cross Gate to Trafalgar Square – Time Schedules, Stops, Route Maps, Directions, Website

London Central Bus Service / Route N343 starts from New Cross Gate to Trafalgar Square and vice versa

Operator: London Central


N343 Bus Route Directions and Bus Stop

From: Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn

To: New Cross / Jerningham Road

From: New Cross Bus Garage

To: Whitehall / Trafalgar Square

G- Trafalgar Square / Charing Cross Stn K- New Cross Bus Garage
A-Southampton Street / Covent Garden S- Ommaney Road
B-Lancaster Place / Somerset House S- Kitto Road
N- Waterloo Bridge / South Bank Drakefell Road
M- Waterloo Road BR- St Asaph Road
SJ- Coin Street BP- Crescent
SF- Kings Reach Building S- Turnham Road
SM- Blackfriars Road S- Norbert Road
SW- Lavington Street Bus stop W- Inverton Road
BV- Southwark Street / Southwark Bridge Road W- Road
E- The Hop Exchange EK- Stuart Road
D- London Bridge Station EL- Rye Hill Park
Southwark Street EM- Solomon’s Passage
H- Union Street EN- Peckham Rye / Nunhead Lane
A- Borough Station WL- Peckham Rye / East Dulwich Road
B- Inner London Crown Court WM- Nigel Road
G- Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway X- Heaton Road
R- Elephant & Castle Station U- Peckham Rye Station
Elephant Park R- Hanover Park
RZ- Larcom Street S- Harris Academy
K- Balfour Street T- Peckham Road / Southampton Way
L- East Street D- Southampton Way Estate
M- Alsace Road E- Sedgmoor Place
P- Albany Road / Wells Way F- Cottage Green
G- St George’s Way / Burgess Park X- St George’s Way / Burgess Park
A- Sedgmoor Place O- Albany Road / Wells Way
B- Southampton Way Estate A- Alsace Road
C- Way / Peckham Road B- East Street
Q- Harris Academy C- Balfour Street
B- Peckham Library RU- Larcom Street
K- Clayton Road N- Hampton Street
P- The Aylesham Centre S- Elephant & Castle Station
V- Peckham Rye Station F- Elephant & Castle / Newington Causeway
EA- Nigel Road P- Inner London Crown Court
EC- Peckham Rye / Nunhead Lane D- Borough Station
EF- Solomon’s Passage G- Union Street
EH- Rye Hill Park B- London Bridge Station
EJ- Stuart Road W- The Hop Exchange
E- Surrey Road BL- Southwark Bridge Road
Merttins Road BM- Great Guildford Street
N- St Norbert Road SQ- Lavington Street
N- Turnham Road SL- Blackfriars Road
BN- Brockill Crescent SE- Kings Reach Building
BL- St Asaph Road SP- Coin Street
BK- Avignon Road / Drakefell Road L- Waterloo Road
N-Kitto Road P- Waterloo Bridge / South Bank
N- Arbuthnot Road T- Lancaster Place
N- Ommaney Road U- Savoy Street
N- New Cross / Jerningham Road J- Bedford Street
H- Charing Cross Station
N- Whitehall / Trafalgar Square

N343 Route Map

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