London Couple’s Bicycle Give Away : Starts on Sep 30 2018

Shayne and Monica Hodgson have given away more than 750 bikes in past five years. Its their 5th aniversary of bicycle giveaway.

“There’s so much a bike can give you,” said Shayne Hodgson, who, besides being handy when it comes to bikes, also sees the world of possibility a bike can give someone who has limited opportunities because of challenges with health, poverty or even homelessness.

‘It will bring the city to them so they’re not stuck in a certain area,”

Hodgson said a free bike means someone without a home has the means to collect scrap over a wider area and increase their income. They also have the flexibility to make it to a job or a doctor’s appointment without relying on public transit.

Note: Bicycle will be given away with first come first served basis. Registration starts on 30th September morning
9 a.m @ Boyle Memorial Community Centre in Old East Village.

Reference: cbc

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