London Still Ranks Top for Overseas Workers

Yes you read it right! London still leads as the top choice for international workers outranking New York, Berlin, Barcelona. But, taking workers cross-border movements into consideration after Brexit, has made United Kingdom to fall from 2nd to 5th position in the list of most attractive countries for overseas workers. Beyond that even the count of British workers seeking international jobs has increased to 60% from 44% in the last four years.

Nick South, of the Boston Consulting Group, said:

This research demonstrates the scale of the talent challenge facing organisations in the UK.

Despite London’s enduring appeal, the UK as a whole has become less attractive to international workers.

At the same time, British workers’ willingness to work abroad has significantly increased, from well below average in 2014 (44%) to above the average in 2018 (62%). This is the largest increase seen in any country globally.

Together, these two talent trends create a major challenge for the UK. It is critical for UK private and public sector organisations to get on the front foot and proactively take steps to attract and retain top-class talent to ensure their future success.

Ref: dailymail

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