London United Bus Service N9 (Route) from Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 to Aldwych – Time Schedules, Stops and Maps

London United Bus Service N9 (Route) from Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 to Aldwych – Time Schedules, Stops, Route Maps, Directions, Website

Operator: London United


N9 Bus Route Directions and Stops

From: Aldwych / Bush House

To: Heathrow Terminal 5

From: Heathrow Terminal 5

To: Aldwych / Drury Lane

H- Aldwych / Bush House 6- Heathrow Terminal 5
U- Savoy Street BU- Newbury Road / Compass Centre
J- Bedford Street BN- Nene Road Roundabout
H- Charing Cross Station 19- Heathrow Central Bus Station
S- Trafalgar Square BJ- Nene Road
Z- Regent Street / St James’s BK- Bolton’s Lane
S- Piccadilly Circus D- New Road
G- Old Bond Street / Royal Academy E- Harlington Corner
H- Green Park Station F- Nobel Drive
E- Green Park / Constitution Hill CA- Oxford Avenue
M- Hyde Park Corner Station CB- Craneswater
KE- Knightsbridge Station / Harrods CC- Waye Avenue
KF- Knightsbridge Barracks CD- The Avenue
RA- Prince of Wales Gate CE- The Parkway
RB- Exhibition Road CF- Rectory Road
RC- Royal Albert Hall CH- Henlys Roundabout
RE- Palace Gate M- Great West Road / Renfrew Road
N- Kensington Palace A- Hounslow West Station
F- High Street Kensington Station E- St Paul’s Church
T- Phillimore Gardens F- Wellington Road North
X- The Design Museum G- St Michael & St Martin Church
Z- Warwick Gardens U- The Bell
C- Kensington Olympia Station O- Treaty Centre
E- North End Road K- Hounslow High Street
F- Brook Green F- Hounslow Bus Station
X- Latymer Court E – Bridge Road
Z4- Hammersmith Broadway J- Star Road
B- Hammersmith Bus Station K- Thornbury Road
U- Livat Hammersmith Shopping Centre L- West Thames College
WA- Hammersmith Town Hall N- Isleworth Station
D- Ravenscourt Park Station P- Linkfield Road
G- Ravenscourt Park Q- Wood Lane
H- Goldhawk Road R- Turnpike Way
PP- Stamford Brook Bus Garage P- The Green School
RR- Chiswick Lane T- Busch Corner
SS- Old Market Place X- Syon Lane
CV- Turnham Green Church Beech Avenue
T- Chiswick Road E- Brent Lea
A- Gunnersbury Station BN- Market Place
J- Power Road BP- Brentford County Court
K- Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre BE- Watermans Centre
S- Kew Bridge Station BF- The Musical Museum
U- The Musical Museum Y- London Museum of Water and Steam
BH- Watermans Centre X- Kew Bridge Station
BJ- Goat Wharf L- Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre
BK- Brentford County Court K- Thorney Hedge Road
BL- Market Place B- Gunnersbury Station
W- Brent Lea S- Chiswick Road
W- Syon Lane DD- Turnham Green Church
V- Busch Corner GG- Clifton Gardens
S- The Green School HH- Old Market Place
M- Turnpike Way OO- Chiswick Lane
D- Wood Lane H- Stamford Brook Bus Garage
E- Linkfield Road M- Goldhawk Road / Young’s Corner
F- Isleworth Station F- Ravenscourt Park
G- West Thames College E- Ravenscourt Park Station
H- Star Road C- Dalling Road
W- Bridge Road E- Lamington Street
G- Hounslow Bus Station Iffley Road
L- Fairfields Road W- Hammersmith Stn / H&c and Circle Lines
T- Treaty Centre F- Hammersmith Bus Station
X- Bell Corner / Hounslow Civic Centre G- Latymer Court
H- St Michael & St Martin Church H- Brook Green
J- Wellington Road North J- North End Road
K- St Paul’s Church L- Holland Road
C- Hounslow West Station W- Warwick Gardens
L- Great West Road / Basildene Road Y- The Design Museum
CP- Henlys Roundabout U- Phillimore Gardens
CQ- Rectory Road B- High Street Kensington Station
CR- Cranford Library / the Parkway M- Kensington Palace
CS- The Avenue RH- Palace Gate
CT- Waye Avenue RK- Queen’s Gate
CU- Craneswater RL- Royal Albert Hall
H- Oxford Avenue RM- Prince of Wales Gate
J- Harlington Corner KP- Rutland Gardens
BL- Mondial Way KH- Knightsbridge Station / Harrods
BM- Nene Road T- Hyde Park Corner Station
18- Heathrow Central Bus Station C- Old Park Lane / Hard Rock Cafe
BZ- Nelson Road J- Green Park Station
1- Heathrow Terminal 5 L- Old Bond Street / Royal Academy
B- Piccadilly Circus
R- Haymarket / Jermyn Street
B- Trafalgar Square
E- Charing Cross Stn / Trafalgar Square
A- Southampton Street / Covent Garden
E- Aldwych / Drury Lane

N9 Route Map

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