Metroline Bus Service N7 (Route) from Northolt to Oxford Circus – Time Schedules, Stops and Maps

Metroline Bus Service N7 (Route) from Northolt to Oxford Circus -Time Schedules, Stops, Route Maps, Directions, Website

Operator: Metroline


N7 Bus Route Directions and Bus Stop

From: Northolt Station

To: Oxford Circus Station / John Lewis

From: Oxford Street / John Lewis

To: Northolt Station

B- Northolt Station OR- Oxford Street / John Lewis
D- Moat Farm Road BX- Selfridges
TA- Kingston Close O- Marble Arch Station
TB- Sycamore Close E- Marble Arch / Edgware Road
TC- Bengarth Road / Northolt Library EK- Burwood Place
X- Yeading / White Hart Roundabout ES- Sussex Gardens
Y- Church Road G- St Mary’s Hospital
E- Wayfarer Road F- Paddington Station
WE- Broadmead Road D- Paddington Stn / Eastbourne Terrace
WF- Adrienne Avenue R-Westbourne Terrace
EG- Greenford High School Gloucester Terrace
EH- Eastmead Avenue G- Westbourne Grove / Queensway
H-Pembroke Road PC- Artesian Road
J- Greenford Broadway N – St Stephens Gardens
L- Clifton Road M- Great Western Road
RS- Greenford Avenue PD- Powis Gardens
RT- Cuckoo Avenue PE- Portobello Road
RW- Gurnell Leisure Centre A- Ladbroke Grove Station
AA- Ruislip Road East L- Cambridge Gardens / Ladbroke Grove
AB- Scotch Common F- Oxford Gardens
SC- Kent Gardens G- St Charles Square
SM- Pitshanger Library H- Oakworth Road
SN- St Barnabas Church J- St Charles Health & Wellbeing Centre
SP- Fairlea Place K- Dalgarno Gardens
SQ- Montpelier Road L- Highlever Road
SR- Marchwood Crescent S- North Pole Road
ST- Castlebar Road K- Caverswall Street
A- Ealing Broadway Station / Haven Green D- Latymer Upper School / Playing Fields
F- Ealing Broadway Station E- Hammersmith Hospital
EM- North Common Road G- Wulfstan Street
EN- Hanger Lane H- East Acton Station
ET- Ealing Common Station D- Westway
EU- Birch Grove J- East Acton Lane / Old Oak Road
EV- Twyford Avenue P- King Fahad Academy
B- Denehurst Gardens W- Beechwood Grove
D- King Street EX- Shaa Road
F- Acton Old Town Hall EY- Acton Park / Greenview Close
H- Acton Central Station VQ- Acton Park
VP- Acton Park J- Acton Central Station
EW- Acton Park / Greenview Close G- Acton Old Town Hall
EZ- Goldsmith Close C- Steyne Road
EU- Shaa Road A- Denehurst Gardens
S- Glendun Road EH- Twyford Avenue
K- Old Oak Common Lane / Savoy Circus EJ- Birch Grove
C- East Acton Station / Fitzneal Street EK- Ealing Common Station
A- Wulfstan Street EL- Hanger Lane
B- Hammersmith Hospital K- Ealing Broadway Station
C- Latymer Upper School / Playing Fields E- Haven Grn / Ealing Broadway Stn
Q- North Pole Road SE- Castlebar Road
T- North Pole Road / Scrubs Lane SF- Marchwood Crescent
U- Highlever Road SG- Montpelier Road
V- Dalgarno Gardens SH- Fairlea Place
A- St Charles Health & Wellbeing Centre SJ- St Barnabas Church
B- St Charles Square SK- Harrow View Road
C- Oxford Gardens SL- Kent Gardens
K- Cambridge Gardens / Ladbroke Grove AH- Scotch Common
B- Ladbroke Grove Station AJ- Ruislip Road East
PA- Portobello Road RU- Gurnell Leisure Centre
PB- Powis Gardens RV- Cuckoo Avenue
N- Shrewsbury Road / Brunel Estate RY- Greenford Avenue
S- St Stephens Gardens M- Clifton Road
PL- Chepstow Road / Westbourne Grove N- Greenford Broadway
F- Queensway R- Pembroke Road
L- Porchester Terrace North EL- Beechwood Avenue
M- Bishops Bridge Road / Westbourne Terrace EM- Greenford High School
H- Paddington Station WS- Adrienne Avenue
P- St Mary’s Hospital WT- Broadmead Road
EE- Sussex Gardens W- Wayfarer Road
EH- George Street V- Yeading / White Hart Roundabout
H- Marble Arch Station / Edgware Road TD- Bengarth Road / Northolt Library
K- Marble Arch Station TE- Sycamore Close
BC- Selfridges TF- Target Roundabout
OF- Oxford Circus Station / John Lewis TH- Kingston Close
TJ- Alderney Gardens
C- Moat Farm Road
A- Northolt Station

N7 Route Map

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