RMT Strike 2024: London Underground Workers (Tube) due to Below Inflation Pay

Tube Noise, London

Tube workers will go on strike over pay on January 2024: Check the dates below

Following a vote by more than 90% of workers against a salary offer that fell short of inflation, TUBE UNION RMT today announced that London Underground employees will be launching a rolling strike in the upcoming year.

The London Underground’s most recent compensation offer of 5% is insufficient, according to RMT, considering that Transport for London (TfL) has established a £13 million bonus pool for senior managers and the commissioner received an 11% pay increase in 2023, bringing his income to £395,000.

  • On January 5 and 6, engineering train drivers will go into action.
  • On January 7 and 8, RMT members participate in LUL’s network control functions.
  • On January 9 and 11, members of the tubes signaling and service control functions take action.
  • On January 8 and 10, all other RMT members, including those in engineering, fleet maintenance, stations, and train operations, will go on strike.

The union has criticized employers for freezing pay bands and warned that doing so will result in a two-tier workforce. It also wants full staff travel facilities for all tube workers reinstated.

According to RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch, Tube workers who contribute significantly to the London economy will not stand for high managers and commissioners making lavish sums of money while receiving meagre offers that are below inflation.

“The refusal of TfL to restore staff travel facilities and create a two-tier workforce is also unacceptable.

“Our members have made it clear that they are prepared to take action and we urge TfL to improve their offer to avert disruption in the capital,” he said.

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