Royal Courts of Justice in Strand London, UK Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, How to file a case online?

Royal Courts of Justice in Strand London, UK Customer Care Phone number, Address, Email, Hours, Website and Social Media

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A court is any person or institution, often a government institution, with the authority to adjudicate legal disputes between parties and carry out the administration of justice in civil, criminal, and administrative matters in accordance with the rule of law.

Address: Strand, London WC2A 2LL, United Kingdom

Phone: +442079476000

Email: Enquiries
(Disability Contact )
Family court
(High Court Family General Office Mailbox.)
Family court

Hours: Monday to Friday: 10am-4:30pm, Saturday and Sunday: Closed

UK Government Official Website:

Website: Royal Courts of Justice

Map: View Google direction here.

About Royal Courts of Justice


Types of Courts in UK

Criminal Court

  • Criminal courts are judicial bodies that oversee cases involving alleged criminal offenses, ensuring justice is served and legal rights are protected.
  • These courts play a crucial role in determining guilt or innocence, imposing appropriate punishments, and safeguarding the principles of due process and fairness in the criminal justice system.

Magistrates Court

  • Magistrates’ Courts are the initial point of contact for most criminal cases, handling matters such as traffic violations, minor thefts, and public order offenses.
  • These courts are presided over by magistrates or justices of the peace, who decide on guilt or innocence and impose appropriate sentences or fines.

Crown Court

  • The Crown Court deals with more serious criminal cases, including murder, rape, and high-value fraud, and operates with a judge and a jury.
  • It has the power to impose significant penalties, such as lengthy prison sentences or substantial fines, based on the verdict reached by the jury.

Youth Court

  • Youth courts are specialized courts that handle cases involving young offenders, focusing on their rehabilitation and welfare.
  • These courts employ different procedures compared to adult courts to cater to the specific needs of young individuals and promote their reintegration into society.

Court and Tribunal Fees in UK

Case Fee
Divorce or end a civil partnership £593
Claim the money you’re owed £35 to £10,000 – depending on the amount you’re claiming
Appeal a benefits decision Free
Apply for bankruptcy £680
Apply for probate Free or £273 – depending on the value of the estate

How to Pay Your Court or Tribunal Fee in UK?

  • By phone with a debit or credit card
  • In person by cheque, cash, debit or credit card
  • Online

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How to Reach Royal Courts of Justice by Bus / Metro?

By Bus


By Metro

Temple, Covent Garden, Leicester Square

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