Superloop SL3 Route X269 from Thamesmead Town Centre to Bromley North – Time Schedules, Stops and Maps

Superloop Bus Route SL3 – Thamesmead Town Centre to Bromley North

Superloop SL3 Route X269

New superloop SL3 bus will stop at the below bus stops

Superloop SL3 is an express bus service between Bromley North to Croydon Fairfield Halls. The service will run from Monday to Saturday

  • Buses every 12 minutes Monday to Saturday, and
  • Buses every 15 minutes on evenings and Sundays
  • At the common stops used by SL3, 269 and the 301, there would be a combined frequency of around 10 buses per hour during Monday to Saturday daytimes.

The new SL3 route would:

  • Give people more transport options to move between key locations in Thamesmead, Bexleyheath and Bromley
  • Provide quicker journey times to outer London transport and town centre hubs including the Elizabeth line at Abbey Wood station
  • Create new links across Bexleyheath from Bromley, Chislehurst, Sidcup, Abbey Wood and Thamesmead
  • Provide extra capacity on route 269
  • Encourage more sustainable journeys
  • Allow passengers on the SL3 to connect to 45 other bus routes and five train lines, shown in this map

X269 Superloop SL3 Bus Route Directions and Stops

  • Thamesmead Town Centre
  • Carlyle Road / Crossway
  • Abbey Wood Harrow Manor Way and Florence Road (northbound only) [Underground]
  • Bexleyheath [National rail]
  • Lion Road (Bexleyheath Broadway)
  • Bexleyheath Library (Bexleyheath Town Centre)
  • Sidcup [National rail]
  • Carlton Road (Sidcup Town Centre)
  • Queen Mary’s Hospital
  • Chislehurst War Memorial
  • Chislehurst [National rail]
  • Southborough Road / Bickley [National rail]
  • Widmore Road / Kentish Way (Bromley Town Centre) and Bromley Town Hall (westbound only)
  • Bromley North [National rail]

Will the new Superloop SL3 stops at the same bus stop of Route X269?

Yes, customers can stay at the regular stops

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What is the trip fare/cost of Superloop SL3 bus?

  • Customers can take unlimited journeys within an hour for just £1.75

What is the frequency (timing) of new Superloop SL3 bus in London?

  • It runs every 7 to 15 minutes throughout the day
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There are 10 SL-SuperLoop buses in London which are:

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Superloop SL3 Route X269 Route Map London

Superloop SL3 Route X269 from Thamesmead Town Centre to Bromley North Route Map London

Superloop SL3 Route X269 connecting with other Route Map London

X269 Route Superloop SL3 Bus Routes connecting Map

Superloop SL3 – X269 Gallery

Superloop SL5-X119

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