Things to Pack for London Trip: #8 Quick Checklist

London is one of the favourite cities for many travellers and many find it a cosmopolitan urban hub. The weather here is unpredictable, and you can barely trust the forecast. On any day you may need layers, sunscreen, a raincoat and a hat.

So even in summer, it may get cool, cloudy days, whilst winter can provide unexpected warmth! It is important to remember to bring a series of clothing you can layer so you can smartly adjust to the climate accordingly. To help you pack, here is a list of must-have items that you must carry before travelling to London.

Choose Warm and Comfortable Clothing

In London, people are fairly well dressed, so you would likely want to carry your gorgeous looking clothes – though you don’t need to be super dressy for many occasions.

Just keep in mind that if your travel plans include fine dining, nice bars or trip to shows like the opera or the west end then you might want to bring some smarter clothes.

If you are travelling in winter, then pack warm winter coat, sweaters, gloves and warm scarf. For visiting London in summer, you should carry a pair of pants, capris, and a light dress with a shoulder wrap to wear depending on the weather. Not to forget the hat, bathing suit and a pair of sunglasses.

Hop On with Travel Shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must and layers will always be your friends. If you’re on a travel adventure where nightlife might be a part of your travel, opt for something that can work for a fun, festive atmosphere for a night on the town.

Take Your Toiletries / Make up

Naturally you’re going to want to bring your toiletries with you on your trip to London! Carry the essentials – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant moisturiser and any make-up or sanitary products that you might need.

Of course, all these things are easily available to buy in London, only brands might differ, it is better to carry your own favourite item. Bring sunscreen for travel in the summer months, and a good lip balm for travel in the cold season as your lips can get parched in the cold winter air.

Bring Windproof Travel Umbrella


From light drizzles to hardy rains, the UK certainly necessitates an umbrella. Be sure to pack one that’s wind-resistant and compacts down so that you can carry it easily when you’re not using it. If you bring a full-sized umbrella or even a less compact travel umbrella, you may end up regretting the bulk. This umbrella does a great job and is windproof, plus it comes with a cover that keeps it safe and packable.

Pack up Your Electronic Gears

You must carry a travel power adapter for all of your electronic concerns. Pack your cords and extra tech gear. In case you’re travelling with ample necessary rechargeable equipment, consider a power strip to utilize in hostel lobbies or a local coffee shop.

  • Power adapter & power strip (the strip works great in airports/hostel lobbies)
  • Necessary converters (bring more than one if you have many items to recharge)
  • Portable charger & cords (keep cords wrapped well)
  • Camera, lens, batteries, card reader, memory cards, & chargers
  • Tablet, phone, computer, & necessary chargers
  • External hard drive to back up your photos (not necessary if camera is wifi operated)

Choose the Ones which are easy to carry: Luggage & Backpacks

Picking the right luggage for you is a big decision. It should not only last for many years of travel but also suit your particular style: be that carry-on only or checked luggage. While a truly waterproof (welded seam) bag is perfect for the quickly changing and often wet weather the city is known for. Perhaps, a backpack is more convenient than a roller bag especially on those long escalators.

Add Reusable Water Bottle to Your List

We highly recommend bringing a reusable bottle for water with you so that you can fill it in water fountains and sinks without paying for drinks or purchasing bottled water. Tap water across the UK is safe to drink, so there’s no need to spend money on water.

You know It: Bring Travel Documents and Even Have a Scanned Copy

Other important items include travel documents such as the passport, Visa documents and Travel insurance.

Things Your should Pack for your London Trip

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