UK Event Life in London, UK Customer care phone number, Email, Open hours, How to Buy a Ticket?

UK Event Life in London, UK Customer care phone number, Address, Email, Hours, Website, UpComing Event, Buy a Ticket and Social Media

UK Event Life is not a widely recognized term or concept. It could potentially refer to the events industry in the United Kingdom, encompassing various events such as conferences, festivals, concerts, and exhibitions that take place throughout the country.

Address: Covent Garden, 71-75 Shelton St, London WC2H 9JQ, United Kingdom.

Phone: +44 7590 410435, +44 7888 195833, +44 7307 879714



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About UK Event Life

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UK Event Life likely pertains to the vibrant ecosystem of events and entertainment across the United Kingdom. This encompasses diverse cultural, social, and professional gatherings, ranging from music festivals and art exhibitions to corporate conferences and sports events. The UK’s event life reflects its rich cultural heritage and dynamic contemporary scene, drawing participants and audiences from around the world.

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UpComing Event List in UK Event Life

View the UpComing Event List in UK Event Life through the above link.

How to Buy a UK Event Life Ticket, London?

  1. Visit:
  2. Select Your “Ticket Category”
  3. Enter Your “No.of Tickets”
  4. Click “Book Now”
  5. Enter Your Details (Name, Phone Number, Email)
  6. Select Your Payment (Credit & Debit Card)
  7. Click “Book Now”

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How to Reach UK Event Life by Bus / Metro / Taxi?




Car Rental

You can also book rental car.

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