what’s the Unpleasant Smell? Chlorine Like Smell in Parts of London

Air Quality Index reading of 102 was the highest LSE has recorded since they began measuring in May.

Seemed to spread east and west along the river, inviting comparisons with “chlorine meets TCP/Dettol meets battery acid” near Waterloo Bridge and prompting Billy Kingsmill in East Ham to demand: “What the eff is it?”

Londoners have complained about a “vile chlorine smell” which swept across parts of the capital and reportedly left people needing inhalers and others with stinging eyes.

London School of Economics (LSE) assistant professor Dr. Thomas Smith said that Wednesday’s air quality was “unhealthy” and “so bad that you can smell it”.

Lana Preston, 51, of Bermondsey, told the BBC she is worried it might be “something hazardous or poisonous”.

Reference : BBC / Independent / Daily Mail / IBI times / Standard.co.uk

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