Wrapchic Restaurant in Soho, London

Wrapchic Restaurant in Soho (Mexican Cuisine, Indian Cuisine), London

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Restaurant Type: Quick Bites
Available Cuisines: Mexican, Indian

Contact Wrapchic:

Address: 38 Beak Street, Soho , London W1F 9RG
020 35814862
+44 7436999932
Website :
Vist Wrapchic

About WrapChic::
Breakfast, Takeaway Available, Serves Halal  , No Alcohol Available, Indoor Seating,

Average Cost for 2 persons: 20

WrapChic Open hours:

  • Mon 8am -6:30pm
  • Tue 8am -6:30pm
  • Wed 8am -6:30pm
  • Thu 8am -6:30pm
  • Fri 8am -7:30pm
  • Sat 12noon -7:30pm
  • Sun 12noon -5pm

Wrap Chic Menu Card

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Wrap Chic Menu items

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